Top 5 Reasons To Visit The Mediterranean Sea

The Mediterranean is one of the most popular vacation destinations in the world for many reasons. The region is full of amazing food, people, historic landmarks, and places to relax and have fun. If you’re looking for an incredible region to explore, here are 5 reasons why you need to visit the Mediterranean.  

The Amazing Weather

First off, the Mediterranean climate is amazing. It is mild with hot, dry summers and moderate, wet winters, making it very comfortable and not extreme. This means that at almost any time of year, depending on how much rain you mind, it will be comfortable and enjoyable. The weather is great for relaxing on the many beaches of the Mediterranean Sea or for exploring whichever Mediterranean destination you are visiting. 

The Beautiful Scenery

The Mediterranean is full of stunning views no matter which part you are visiting. The Mediterranean Sea itself is known for having striking, clear blue water. In addition to the beautiful waters, the Mediterranean is home to some of the most picturesque villages in the world, especially on the Amalfi Coast of Italy, which is a Unesco World Heritage site.

The cliffs of the Amalfi Coast have vibrant colored houses that are over the blue water of the Mediterranean Sea. Another picture-perfect Unesco World Heritage site in Italy is Cinque Terre, which is a group of five colorful fishing villages situated on the cliffs.

These villages, along with the natural beauty of the Mediterranean Sea, make the Mediterranean one of the most scenic places to visit. In order to enjoy these views from every angle, you can take a Mediterranean cruise and see the coastline before you get to it.  

The Incredible Cuisine

The Mediterranean features incredible cuisine that is not only very delicious but also very good for you. While different countries in the Mediterranean eat differently from each other, many of them share some main ingredients. The Mediterranean diet is very healthy and features a lot of olive oil, lots of fruits and vegetables, legumes, chickpeas, nuts, wheat, and seafood.

The people from Greece, Italy, Spain, Morocco, Israel, and other countries surrounding the Mediterranean Sea are generally more healthy and suffer less from heart problems, cancer, and obesity. The way they eat in these places is a large factor in this because their cuisines are low in fat, sugar, and red meat.

The Culture

The Mediterranean region has wonderful traditions including eating meals together and using them as a time for discussion with loved ones and friends. People in the Mediterranean do not often eat alone. Especially in Greece, spending hours gathered around a table enjoying food and talking is a beloved tradition. In Italy, preparing the meals together and giving each person a part in the making of the food is a cherished tradition. In Greece, making guests feel welcome and cared for is part of their culture.    

The Rich History

The ancient civilizations of the Mediterranean paved the way for the modern-day world. Athens, Greece, for example, is considered to be the birthplace of Western civilization and where democracy was first established. Athens is home to The Acropolis, which was built in the 5th century.

There is also the Parthenon which is the temple of the goddess Athena. Possibly the most notable city in the Mediterranean for seeing history is Rome, Italy. In addition to many museums, there you can see the Colosseum, an amphitheater that could hold more than 50,000 Roman spectators that watched gladiators in combat.

You can also see the Pantheon, a well-preserved temple that was built for Roman gods. These are notable sites, but there are many other landmarks in the Mediterranean to visit and learn from too. The Mediterranean region is full of amazing things to do and see. Its natural beauty, fascinating history, wonderful people, and tasty food are just some of the many reasons you need to visit the Mediterranean.

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