5 Ways To Make Studying Less Boring and Enjoyable

Regardless of how engaging a teacher is, sometimes students can find lectures and studies boring. In fact, recent research shows 30% of students find all their classes boring.

Learning-related boredom can be caused by a variety of factors, including lack of passion in the subject, PowerPoint slides with too much information, the inability of the teacher to deliver the content in a learning style suitable for the learner, and stress. Most students’ coping strategy for academic boredom includes texting, daydreaming, and turning to social media.

Boredom doesn’t just happen in class; it also extends to self-study and when doing assignments or homework. The problem is that if boredom while studying is not eradicated, it affects retention of information, productivity, and poor academic performance.

The solution to this problem is to make learning more enjoyable. How? Find out by reading this post.

Get Excited About the Topic

When you are learning subjects that you are less passionate about, it can be difficult to find them enjoyable. However, to move to the next academic level, you have to study the content presented in class. If not, you risk getting a low score which can hinder your chances of graduating top of the class, or worse, if you fail, you might get kicked out of that institution.

Get Excited About the Topic

If you encounter a subject or topic that you find boring, try to get a section that interests you. Reading easier topics will also give you the morale to tackle more difficult ones. Your best strategy for getting excited about the topic is first to understand the basics or core principles to make it easier to comprehend complex parts.

Gamify Your Studies

If you find that you end up falling asleep more often when you study, it’s time to introduce a game that makes the process more interesting. For example, there is a reward in most games when you complete a certain level. Apply that concept when studying. You can reward yourself with a snack when completing a specific book chapter or homework.

Gamification learning is ideal when a particular subject feels impossible to master. Another practical way to turn studies into a game is to give the topics a name from your favorite game. This helps to generate interest which motivates the student to keep studying the material.

Adopt a Positive Mindset

When you have tough study time, it’s crucial to have a positive mindset. Otherwise, you might get stuck or, worse, end up giving up. Limiting thoughts makes it harder to find studying interesting, and you eventually develop beliefs that the subject is too hard for you to comprehend.

Adopt a Positive Mindset

But if you transform your thoughts into positive ones, you’ll have a can-do attitude and get encouraged, making it easier to enjoy studying. When you are inspired, you are more likely to want to understand the content in front of you. An essay writer will come in handy in simplifying hard-to-grasp concepts.

Make Note Taking Appealing

If you take notes using a method you like, the chances are high that you will have an easier time studying. So whether you prefer flashcards or draw diagrams, use that to take notes that make it fun to read.

Taking visual notes, graphic recording, or sketchnoting makes it fun to study. It also improves note-taking skills and helps students remember more of the material and connect concepts. Other benefits of the visual note-taking strategy include:

  • Makes it easier to process what is read.
  • Enhances comprehension and recall.
  • Helps to link new information with existing ones.
  • It engages many learners, especially those who study better through visuals.

To use the visual note-taking technique effectively when studying, incorporate both text and images, then organize ideas to see how they fit together. While using pen and paper to present ideas visually is often the first choice for students, those with scruffy handwriting can further make the information harder to digest.

Besides, the note-taking process is limited by the available material, like the size of paper. Mind mapping apps are ideal for modern note-taking as it allows students to connect information around a specific subject and reveal in-depth details.

Have a Study Partner

Even if you prefer to study alone most times, having a partner injects fun into the process. Plus, the study buddy will keep you accountable and help you understand concepts better. In case you missed anything in class, a study friend can fill you in. For this strategy to work, you have to choose someone who wants to focus on studying and won’t get distracted.

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