7 Best Apps and Software for Farming

Getting high yields with fewer resources, anticipating troubles associated with weather conditions, and preventing their consequences is a farmer’s dream. It has become a reality today. In this piece, you will find information on the seven best applications and software for farmers.

Digital in Agriculture

Precision farming and the use of digital technologies are becoming more and more popular among farmers. In 2017, the first crop was harvested entirely by machines. The development of technology helps farmers to reduce costs while increasing the productivity of fields.

You can find a range of powerful tools on the market that enable the user to perform complex tasks anywhere, anytime. Farm satellite imagery maps, depending on the number of spectral ranges, allows the calculation of various indices to estimate crop health.

Thus, even owners of farms for thousands of hectares can receive operational information from the entire area.

Digital technologies can be beneficial for governments as well. High-quality satellite imagery could help monitor and manage economic activities in the most effective way.

It means that the government will implement more effective policies and programs to regulate agricultural activities and disseminate knowledge and services. It is also a reliable tool for monitoring the environmental situation.

Technological advances also contribute to the development of sustainable food and trading systems. Private sector suppliers can open up new markets, and the government under such a system can control compliance with all product quality standards.

In addition, digital systems enable the development of more efficient and faster border procedures for carriers of perishable goods. It would help to deliver food to the end consumer in proper form and condition.

7 Best Apps and Software

There is a list of the best apps and software for farmers. Check out their valuable functions for analysis and control of your farm.

1. Crop Monitoring by EOS Data Analytics

A top-notch digital ag platform is designed for farmers, insurers, grain traders, among other market players, to manage fields easier.

Crop Monitoring helps make data-driven and timely decisions, preventing potential threats to the crop throughout the entire growing season, thus increasing yields and profits.

Satellite fields monitoring in near real-time and calculating vegetation indices provide users with precision data about crop health.

Use maps showing vegetation and productivity variations to improve seed and variable rate fertilization, lower production costs, and increase yields.

Discover previously unseen climate patterns by accessing weather data archives going back to 2008 and make better-informed decisions based on a 14-day forecast.

By 2024, EOS Data Analytics also announced the launch of seven optical satellites. This launch will be the first agro-focused project.

2. AgriSync App


This app is available for iOS and Android devices. It provides the users with support services. The growers are getting customer service support from the team of advisors using a video communication platform.

Users can also create broadcast messages to share knowledge and advice and reduce the support team’s burden.

3. Cropolis


This platform will replace a full-fledged online store for the seller. Cropolis has flexible plans designed for a different number of orders.

In any case, you can spend 10 minutes to register and understand how the platform works and greatly facilitate your activities.

Create easy-to-use order forms and forget about the messy spreadsheets that a streamlined app replaces for you.

4. Farmeron

This app is created for livestock breeders. Farmeron gives you the ability to store all your animal data in one place. Create a list of animals, keep a feeding diary and analyze the nutritional value of foods to optimize the feeding process.

Track your activities as well as the same economic indicators. The application works on iOS and Android devices. 

5. Agrellus

It is an online marketplace for Android and iOS users. There are more than 7000 agricultural products. You can find out the prices of other sellers and set the delivery time.

The application will help you save time and offer a transparent pricing policy and convenient, secure payment methods.

6. SoilWeb

This tool helps farmers find information about different soil types. SoilWeb is easy to use, just select the area and click “Get Soil Data”. You will receive data on the properties and type of soil.

A summary will also appear on the screen, including the name, horizon, and soil layer. Using this application, you can determine the required amount of water and nutrients for a good harvest.

7. NozzleCalc

The official Greenleaf Technologies app is designed to calculate sprayer settings quickly. If you are using this company’s products, the app will help you determine the droplet size and PSI.

This is the most convenient and straightforward nozzle calculator.

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