5 Best Android Apps to Make Student’s Lives Easier

Students tend to be more reliant on gadgets, using them for various purposes. Student life is hectic. Not only are they snowed under with home assignments, but they also work, do sports, and participate in extracurricular activities.

A chronic lack of time is a typical result of the above rhythm. And although many students can’t handle it, several ways to remain on track exist. One of them is through the apps. Using valuable programs, be it a note-taking or essay writing app, will reduce your time working on a task.

We have put together a list of apps that will make your life more manageable and help you achieve impressive results.



If you follow plenty of journals, groups, and news agencies, you probably know the feeling of having plenty of sources saved for later. Where do you keep them? And once you save them, what are the odds you will review these links? Instapaper is the app to resolve the problems of saving sources and reading them afterward.

The app gathers anything you want to peruse later, be it an article, a tweet, a blog post, or even a video. Using Instapaper allows you to highlight sources and take notes. This is very helpful when reading thought-provoking texts.



If you use Instapaper, downloading Readwise is a no-brainer. Getting familiar with saved sources is excellent. Highlighting critical thoughts in Instapaper is an accomplishment. However, nine times out of ten, students will underline and forget such ideas.

Readwise brings together all of the highlights from consumed articles, books, and podcasts. You can easily navigate through the app and find highlights from different times instantly. Most importantly, Readwise exports highlights to Notion, arguably among the best note-taking apps.



Have you ever heard of or used Evernote? Evernote is an old hand in the note-taking world. Released in 2000, it became a predominant app, allowing people to take notes, create annotations, lists, and cooperate with others. The notion is a younger brother of Evernote.

A smarter, better-shaped, and more handsome brother. Notion is an app that will make your life easier. And there are mountains of reasons for stating that.

First off, it has a comprehensive note-taking system, allowing you to modify your notes and do with them anything your heart desires. Among others, Notion is a great app for organizing life, tracking workouts and expenses, and prepping for exams.

It sure is the app to get homework done faster! Notion offers several versions, two of which are free: a basic for simple users and a premium for students.

Google Sheets


One of the best ways to remember the material is through active learning and spaced repetition. And although you can find plenty of apps to help you memorize a subject, all you need is Google Sheets, believe it or not.

Sheets are free, and they don’t require having any knowledge of formulas. Only two rows will make your life easier and your learning sessions more productive. So here is how to use Google Sheets correctly.

First, read the chapter of a book or an article and try to understand it. Ask some leading questions to grasp the source’s meaning.

Once you know what a source is about, create questions and write them in column A. Next, write the answers in column B and color the row in white to glance at them in case you forget anything crucial. Return to this list and make regular drills to retain necessary information in the long run.



Students often encounter issues with concentration. They get easily distracted by notifications, which slows down the entire writing process. Forest is an excellent app to keep students focused and engaged in learning. It helps beat phone addiction and manage users’ time effectively.

All users need to do is set up a timer and work during an established period. Try setting a timer for 30 minutes. Once 30 minutes pass, you get credits, which you can use to plant a REAL tree around the world. This initiative has already planted over a million trees and helped people improve their attentiveness.

The Bottom Line

Students are extremely busy these days, studying, working, and doing sports. Many can’t deal with the tempo and have to look for various ways of relief.

If you are one of such students, you can find this ease in the mentioned apps. Not only will your life become more bearable, but your attention, productivity, and, above all, grades will skyrocket shortly.

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