Best Marketplaces For VPN Tools & Domains

People buy and sell well-established sites or personalized digital tools for two major reasons. First, if one is interested in growing a strong online presence but does not want to start from scratch: buying an already existing website that is actively generating traffic and revenue is a strategic e-commerce move. Secondly, if one is no longer able to maintain a website, they may opt to sell it for a profit.

The global online digital market has presented exciting opportunities to independent tech developers, small and medium online enterprises, and even ordinary internet users. With all the online educational resources and strategic digital tools, anyone can explore different online-based industries without being exposed to unnecessary risks.

There are several marketplaces where you can buy or sell online tools, and the market has spiked since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Social distancing has forced us to go online to work, study, shop and gamble. The increase of online activities has naturally led to a need of more effective online tools and platforms, but not all marketplaces or tools offer the same quality and very few outlets are well organized and authorized. We took the time to review one tool that in the last year has seen a sharp rise and compiled a list of trusted marketplaces for buying and selling anything from website domains to VPN tools.

High Demand For VPN Tools Due To The Online Gaming Industry

A perfect illustration of the relationship between demand and supply of online tools, would be the increase in companies offering VPN tools due to the increase in online gaming. The global online gaming market is one of the fastest rising internet-based industries and is expected to have passed a revenue of over $159 billion in 2020.

The online casino market alone stood at an estimated revenue stream of over $65 billion and is expected to grow rapidly in non-regulated countries. To access online gaming sites from a restricted area the user must use a virtual private network tool to bypass the geographic restrictions.

For this reason, players in Australia use VPNs for online casinos located offshore since many global operators restrict access from Australian IPs. The same trend can be seen in the UK, France, and across the Middle East. This indicates an extremely profitable opportunity for companies offering proxy services. VPNs are just one of many opportunities for companies to build a successful business offering tools based on what people need right now.          

7 Recommended Marketplaces For Online Tools

1. Flippa

Flippa is the number one platform to sell or buy your online tools. It was among the first marketplaces to offer buying and selling of website services. They also sell apps, domains, and web businesses. It has over 120,000 registered buyers and sold over 250,000 online-based enterprises. Most of their income is as a result of flipping domains.

The price of a website is determined by how much traffic it generates and how old it is. Flippa offers an in-depth due diligence service, financial services, and access to third-party brokers to first-time buyers.

2. Empire Flippers

Empire Flippers comes second after Flippa. This site makes sure all sellers are vetted, and the history of their site earnings and traffic is examined. If your blog has a well-established monthly profit, this is the place to sell it. Sellers are also required to at least have a $1,000 monthly profit and a one-year revenue.

To secure transactions, empire flippers have a platform to set up calls between a seller and a buyer. However, they charge $297 for all first time listings, which to some is on the higher end. The rest of the listings are charged $97.

3. Latona’s

Latona’s are well known for being legit in handling established cash flow positive web properties. It’s a merger and acquisition broker that offers professional prospectus to all websites. Latona’s requires that a website registers at least an annual profit of $20,000 and be in operation for at least a year. It also handles e-commerce websites such as Amazon and Shopify. 

4. Sedo

Search Engine for Domain Offers (SEDO) deals explicitly with the professional trading of domain names. It was founded in 2000 and has over 19 million listed domains. Some of their websites have the auctioning option. You can negotiate for some while there are some meant for direct purchases. It has over 2 million registered customers.

Buying and selling on Sedo is super easy since they have a domain transfer service for their registered users. They also offer valuation services to their users.

5. SideProjectors

SideProjectors is a unique community and marketplace for blogs, SaaS projects, and developer projects. It’s popular with people who establish ideas but cannot dedicate their time anymore to them. Their services are very straightforward, do not charge on listings, and take zero commission on sales. However, they offer no protection against scammers or in the transfer of money between a buyer and a seller.

6. Buy Sell Empire

Buy sell empire offer excellent prices on their sell side. If your blog has a well-established monthly income, then this is the best place to sell it. They have a 95% success rate when it comes to selling blogs taking the lead in almost all other sites.

They also have a record of well, established brokerage services. They offer their users full protection against fraud. To achieve this, all buyers and sellers must sign a letter of intent to facilitate official documentation. All payments are made in escrow to ease the transfer and ensure there is no malpractice.

7. Digital Point Forum

It is a popular platform where people sell their blogs, services, and domains. The advantage of using this site is that conversations are public, making it easy to follow any asked questions for an informed end decision. Unfortunately, it offers no protection against fraudsters and scammers.

To sell your product on the digital point forum, you only need to create a free account and start posting. There are no charges for posting. With these seven platforms, you should be able to find the one most suitable for your products and needs!

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