Bitcoin Era: Is it Trustworthy? Be Sure To Read Before Investing

Although cryptocurrency has been around for a long time, it still attracts special attention. With the development of Bitcoin in the past six months, this investment tool has begun to receive more attention.

In order to simplify the process of using digital currency, automated programs, and even robots, come to the rescue. Its essence is to make encrypted transactions a fully automated process.

In this review, we will study the Bitcoin era, a service to get rich with the help of the company’s unique plan. In this article, we will carefully study the key points of protection level, recommended profit, etc., on this basis, we will decide whether the Bitcoin era is another scam or a reliable tool for car trading.

Now let’s talk about what the Bitcoin era has to offer. This project was created by the Fintech Group of Companies in 2019. On the homepage of the official website of Bitcoin Times, the call immediately attracted people’s attention. You can make money and get rich here.

Moreover, software developers are convinced that their projects are exclusive and are ready to ensure that each participant has a stable profit.

The creator of the project claims that the Bitcoin era can generate daily profits by completing automated transactions on the terminal. This is said to be an order of magnitude more transactions completed by the development of this project than other algorithms.

In this Bitcoin era evaluation, we will analyze the real situation, try to highlight the company’s strengths and weaknesses, and then conclude that we are facing a scammer or a project with stable income.

Please note that when registering on the bitcoin era portal, the broker is automatically assigned to the customer. Therefore, the task of the trader is to check whether the company is regulated within its country.

Review the rules of cooperation with the Bitcoin era

Now, the main document that regulates the relationship between users and projects. Therefore, there are three documents available for research on the Bitcoin Times website:

  • The working conditions of the project;
  • Privacy Policy;
  • Deny responsibility.
  • Facts have proved that the project did not provide customers with the opportunity to study user agreements. Because a disclaimer was posted in its place.

“Disclaimer” refers to the fact that the creator of the Bitcoin era is not liable for the fact that customers suffer losses due to the use of materials available on the website according to the law. If you do not have enough knowledge in the trading field, you can seek help from specialized experts.

However, it is only on the website that there is no information about these experts, who they are, their experience, etc.

Analysis of software from Bitcoin Era

Speaking of the terminal, it is really practical, easy to use, and supports 5 languages. You don’t have to pay for work with the website, and the probability of a customer promising to make a profit is 99.4%.

Among the advantages of robots in the Bitcoin era, the company has noticed the following:

  • The algorithm is complex, which guarantees high profit rates;
  • 24/7 support;
  • Extensive functionality;
  • Fast payment systems;
  • Open an account with just a few clicks;
  • Allegedly, the company’s developers won the award in the best software category for the automotive trade;
  • Support various coins from standard to little-known;
  • Transparency of the system. You can easily perform financial calculations and open an account within a few minutes and withdraw profits as quickly as possible.
  • The Bitcoin era is fully automated software. You only need to set up the trading software. If necessary, the user can further track the actions that the robot will complete.

In addition to automated trading programs, the Bitcoin era also provides users with video tutorials for stock speculators. This allows you to view the market, transaction flow and dashboards.

The system guarantees the accuracy and correctness of the operation according to the declaration information on the main page of the project. The program is based on complex computer algorithms to ensure the effectiveness of financial market research and analysis.

The advanced algorithms used in the Bitcoin era follow market news and automatically open transactions.

However, unfortunately, there is no information about the source of the news report. The signals of come from services such as Forbes and Financial Times.

Demo account and mobile software from Bitcoin Era

Yes, the company provides a demo account for its users. This is an opportunity to test how the robot works, what errors it encounters, and what you need to pay attention to. After the test, you can switch to real money trading.

According to the information on the official website of the project, there is a mobile version. But there are no mature applications that can be downloaded to mobile devices. The official website of Bitcoin Era lacks links to install and download software from the App Store and Google Play to mobile devices. At the same time, there is some application information.  

Reviews on Bitcoin Era

The strange thing is that the network has a lot of comments and discussion topics on the Bitcoin era robots on thematic forums and portals. In terms of content, all the comments about the robot prove that the company does not allow customers to make money. The goal of the project is to make money from traders.

There are many comments that this is a common scam without any unique algorithm at all. Therefore, starting from this, it is impossible to recommend a tool in the form of the Bitcoin era.

A programmer told the story of how he encountered the Bitcoin era on the topic forum. The company’s client invested a minimum of $250 in this project, but then the user found that there was no money on the balance sheet.

Is Bitcoin Era another scam?

The founders of the company promised considerable income, and in addition, according to them, this project will make it possible to get rich. Of course, the use of cryptocurrencies, especially automated trading, is a tool that attracts attention, especially for those who do not understand all the intricacies of these areas.

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