Casino in Pop Culture: As Movies, Literature, Music, Many Others

If you think that casinos and are popular in a narrow circle of people, you are very much mistaken, because of the theme of gambling everywhere. It concerns such areas of our life as movies, literature, music, and many others.

Casino today is not only a way to relax and have a good time, but it’s also a great opportunity to get unforgettable emotions, find friends, and maybe steal a lot! Pop culture today cannot exist without the theme of gambling – it should be accepted as a fact!

Casino in The Movies

Not surprisingly, the potential of casinos has been noticed by most famous directors, who have brought stories of famous gamblers to the silver screen or created their own scripts with casinos, bookmakers, and gambling for money as backgrounds.

The theme has been so popular among filmmakers that movies with gambling in the background have regularly returned to the big screen since the 1970s.

The Ladykillers, or The Deadly Quintet

The Coen brothers’ film is a loose reference to the English comedy “How to Kill an Old Lady”. Goldthwait Higginson Dorr is a literature professor who, along with his bandmates, is looking for a place to rehearse their orchestra.

At least, that’s the version they present to Mrs. Munson, the homeowner from whom they want to rent the basement. In fact, it’s a crew of thieves who plan to dig their way out of the basement into a nearby casino. When the old woman discovers the real plan the villains decide to kill her.

As you can guess, it won’t be as easy as they assumed. The Ladykillers, or the killer quintet, is a rather funny comedy with great music and the atmosphere of the southern USA. However, there was no shortage of casino scenes.

Sting – A Movie about A Casino

A masterpiece of gangster cinema. Excellent cast, great story, and dialogues. The film, directed by George Roy Hill, is set in the 1930s in the USA. Johnny Hooker (Robert Redford) decides to avenge the death of his friend, who was killed on the orders of the influential Doyle Lonnegan.

Together with his old friend Henry Gondorff (Paul Newman), they devise the perfect plan. They want to rob him at a betting game.

There is no shortage of scenes involving betting, but the scene when Johnny loses the stolen money in casino roulette is also famous, as well as the memorable poker game on the train. In 1973, “The Sting” won the Academy Award for Best Picture.

In a Wry Mirror: Vegas Vacation

You probably didn’t expect this movie in our ranking. However, it is a classic of its genre. This time Clark Griswold plans to spend his family vacation in Las Vegas. Will he manage to win something? In the background lurk the best online slot machines.

Songs inspired by gambling

Gambling is a favorite theme of singers and songwriters, and there is no shortage of tunes inspired by gambling. In some songs, gambling is the main character. Gambling is often used in songs as a metaphor for love and life. Below is a list of songs about gambling, including those used in some brand new casinos not on gamstop.

“The Gambler” – Kenny Rogers

This classic country song was written by Don Schlitz. It is probably the best and most famous gambling song. The song tells the story of a singer meeting a gambler while traveling on a train. The gambler gives his advice on how to play and win at poker. However, this advice can be seen as a philosophy for life in general. The provocative lyrics and catchy melody have made this song an iconic gambling song that is as relevant today as it was when it was released in 1978.

“Tumbling Dice” – The Rolling Stones

This is a legendary gambling song whose story is known not only by all gamblers but also by millions of music lovers. After moving to France in the 1970s to avoid income taxes in the UK, The Rolling Stones wrote most of their album called Exile on Main St in the basement of Keith Richard’s palace, Villa Nellcôte. Richards explained that the song was partly inspired by gambling – Mick Jagger asked the housekeeper of the house to teach him how to play the then-popular gambling game craps (dice). This game motivated Mick to write a new hit.

“The Card Cheat” – The Clash

The song “The Card Cheat” appeared on the critically acclaimed third studio album, London Calling, by punk rock band The Clash. The album featured a wide range of musical styles, including not only punk but also hard rock, pop, lounge, jazz, and reggae.

The band recorded each part of “The Card Cheat” twice, creating a Phil Spector-like “wall of sound.” While the piano melody is catchy and upbeat, the lyrics are rather dark, with plenty of references to gambling, telling the story of a card cheat to whom karma returns.

Literature on Gambling and Casinos

The subject of casinos and gambling fascinates not only the players themselves. Many people avoid casinos, both land-based and online, because of the risk of losing or for fear of becoming addicted. However, they would like to read about what real gambling looks like “from the inside”.

It should come as no surprise, then, that gambling and casinos, with their inherent glitter of lights and the sound of one-armed bandits, are quite a popular literary theme, in which so many themes can be included: love, death, jealousy, hatred, revenge, deceit, etc.

For those who would love to read a book with such a theme, here are some interesting titles available on the market.

“Fear and loathing in Las Vegas” – Hunter S. Thompson

The book tells the story of Raoul Duke (the author’s alter ego) and his lawyer, Dr. Gonzo, who travel together to Las Vegas in search of their “American dream.” In addition to the themes of casinos and gambling, the novel also features drug and alcohol themes and the author’s thoughts on the state of American society in the late 1960s and early 1970s.

“The Music of Coincidence” by Paul Auster

After the death of his father, Jim Nashe inherits a large sum of money. When his wife abandons him, he decides to sell all his possessions, give his two-year-old daughter to his sister for upbringing, buy a car and move on. During his journey, he comes across a young gambler, Jack Pozzi, who persuades him to play poker with two eccentric millionaires. Jim loses and to cover his debt he and Nash must build a wall right away…

“The Good Thief’s Guide to Las Vegas” – Chris Ewan

The book is in the style of “Ocean’s Eleven,” a movie about a perfectly executed plan to rob a casino. In Ewan’s novel the main character, Charlie Howard, decides to spend his vacation in Las Vegas. Unfortunately, his luck doesn’t run out and not only does he lose money, but he is also falsely accused of poker fraud and forced to pay off someone else’s debt. He has 24 hours to get out of trouble.

Will he succeed? Of course, casinos and gambling are not just entertainment and the subject of a successful novel. More and more people are being treated for gambling addiction and this topic is also increasingly being addressed by psychologists and psychiatrists.


Casino and pop culture are next to each other and are in very close contact. The casino is found in all aspects of entertainment from movies to literature. Gambling fans are sure to find what they are looking for. They will not only get a good rest but also a charge of vigor, energy, and pleasure.

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