Cpasbien Proxy: New *100% Working* List to Unblock Cpasbien

What is Cpasbien? 

Do you want to have a platform to download entertainment content seamlessly? Every entertainment lover wishes to access the best torrent platforms loaded with movies, series, music, games, and much more. One such fantastic platform is Cpasbien. One of the most refined French torrent platforms, this is one with the highest collection of titles. 

The main content that is available on the platform is:

  • Movies of multiple genres 
  • Series with the latest seasons
  • Songs and music albums 
  • Display in the best sequence manner.

But since most of the information or content on the torrent sites is either copies or leaks, some chances of accessing the site might be hard. In such a case using proxies or VPN is desirable.

Proxies and Mirrors of Cpasbien

Torrenting is fun, but when you do not have access to the right kind of platform, you might end up downloading corrupted or, even worse, content that can damage your system. That is the reason you should check the torrent link before using it., But if the parent site is not working, there is always a choice of using the mirror and proxy links. The content will remain the same with only a change in the domain address. 

Primary Reason for Ban – The most common reasons for the prohibition are pieces of contributed content that have been stolen, pirated, or infringed on other people’s intellectual property.

Cpasbien can still be accessed via VPN, web proxies, or mirror websites.

As proxies or mirrors, websites replicate the content and display of the original platform. Therefore, picking a reliable proxy or mirror site may be very beneficial. These are the best proxy sites as a result.

NOTE: We Update the Cpasbien Proxy list every week. If the proxy server is not working then check back later… We will update the new link as soon as possible ✔✔…

Also, I highly recommend you use VPN before Access to Cpasbien for downloading movies & tv shows it helps you to unblock Cpasbien easily…

Cpasbien Proxy/MirrorUrls ListStatus
Cpasbien Proxy 1
Cpasbien Proxy 2
Cpasbien Proxy 3
Cpasbien Proxy 4
Cpasbien Proxy 5
Cpasbien Proxy 6


Cpasbien has become one of the most well-known online torrent websites since it was founded in the 2000s. Internet users can access the site to download torrent files that enable them to get the software, music, TV shows, and movies. 

Cpasbien directly hosts no content on its platform. Just relaying links to torrent files are listed on the website. For this reason, we use the terms repertoire or directory. Cpasbien is still viewed as illegal by the police despite everything. The great majority of online users’ shared content contains intellectual property.

The platform is quite friendly. The main features of the platform include the following:

  • Properly arranged heads for easy access
  • Latest updates of Hollywood with French titles
  • Multiple genres 
  • Smooth to use UI

Even with the best quality of content, the platform is blocked in various countries, including India, the USA, the UK, Russia, Germany, and others, due to infringement issues.

Note: Several jurisdictions may ban access to the website due to content infringement. The user can connect via a VPN or a proxy link.

If you are looking for the best proxy link, this is definitely the one. Loaded with the best quality content that matches the primary website, this is one of the best and safest proxy links to access.

The features that make this proxy link unique include:

  • Massive range of titles to enjoy
  • Wide range of genres
  • One platform for all entertainment content

Legit and Safe – Scam Adviser lists Cpasbien as one of the most trustworthy and secure websites. You can still utilize the proxy connections through a VPN despite being blocked.

This is another proxy link that one can use. Though this is comparatively newer, the content range and quality are quite prime on the platform. One can enjoy unlimited movies, series, music, games, and softwares by downloading the content from the platform. The user display is quite friendly and simple to use. In case of any access difficulty, one can always use VPN.

Unlike any other torrenting platform, Cpasbein also has multiple proxy links that mimic the content of the primary website. You can use this website when the original or the other proxy or mirror links are blocked or inaccessible. The content is quite amazing, and you can easily enjoy the content by downloading it with just a click. The simple-to-use interface with the description of each movie at the bottom makes this one of the most renowned platforms. 

However, there’s a chance that this link could also be problematic. In this situation, it is advisable to utilize a VPN. The second option is to select a different proxy link instead of using the one previously mentioned.

  • Alexa Global rank is 13,871,302.
  • The estimated worth is US$3,631.
  • Daily page views are around 221.

This is another great proxy link that you can refer to when looking forward to downloading the entertainment magnet files. Though the content is updated comparatively late, you will still find quite a massive range to keep you entertained for quite a long period which is perfect. The access is simple, and you can always rely on a VPN if you face any issues while using the platform. 


Undoubtedly, downloading movies via torrent and watching them with friends and family is fun. But since the process involves content with infringement and copyright issues, there are chances that you might not be able to access it in locations like India, the USA, the UK, Germany, France, and others. But if you are still looking forward to watching movies and having fun, you can always select a safe and secure website.

Using proxies, mirrors, and VPNs is a good choice in the same line. You can either use the paid VPNs or the free ones and access the latest and unlimited content within minutes.

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