Key Features You Need to Know for Developing an On-demand Delivery App for Your Business

The delivery industry has been steadily evolving before the pandemic. But the quarantine and self-isolation have spurred the demand. Only a year ago, delivery was perceived as something additional that could make life more convenient. During the pandemic, delivery services have become a vital function. For small and medium-sized businesses, delivery turned into the only way to keep afloat. In this regard, mobile applications offer great flexibility to both companies and their customers. The scope of on-demand delivery app development is rather wide. The apps cover food and gifts delivery, healthcare, taxi services, and much more.

Where to start?

An on-demand delivery application is a great step to strengthen your position on the market. It is a proven method to make yourself known to a wide range of consumers and quickly take the desired positions among competitors. However, many companies hesitate whether it makes sense to develop an application from scratch when you can purchase a ready-made one. But the advantages of implementing individual software are obvious:

  • You pay only once for creating a unique product, and then you can use it at your own discretion.
  • Dedicated delivery applications can be developed strictly according to the requirements of a particular company, taking into account all its nuances. It is unlikely that a turnkey solution can meet all your technical needs.
  • The unique application will help you offer exclusive services to your target audience, leaving competitors behind.
  • You can specify any feature when ordering an individual application, while ready-to-use solutions offer only limited functionality, similar to the applications of some competitors.
  • You can test your app idea by developing an MVP (minimum viable product).

The last point in the list is the most important. It allows you to see whether the whole idea of implementing a delivery app will evoke the expected response from your customers. With MVP development, you hit two targets with one bullet — you win time and save money. The key idea behind MVP is that you create a real product that can be immediately offered to customers.

MVP may contain only one or two key features but thanks to frameworks for cross-platform developments like React Native, it will be available to the two main mobile audiences — iOS and Android. Based on the received feedback, you can refine the solution taking into account the preferences of consumers. This way, the company will protect itself from investing in an app that customers will use reluctantly.

What features to focus on?

features to focus on

The main goal of developing a mobile application is not only the promotion of brand and business but also to set tight connections with customers. Customer satisfaction is key to the success of any business. Therefore, app features should help the customer to make an order in the most convenient way. Let’s consider which features would be necessary for a food delivery app.

Simple Registration

The more channels for registration you provide, the more users you will be able to attract. Make sure that a newcomer can register via social media account, telephone number, or email.

Easy order algorithm

Customers should be able to make an order within a few clicks. It should be easy to look through the menu and select dishes. Think about filtered search. It allows users to find the desired restaurant, food, price, location, or add other parameters. The app should process pick-up and drop-off locations, customer data, product info, service price, and delivery time.  

Dish Constructor

It allows adding extra options to the product — for example, the ability to change ingredients.

Prices and Delivery Costs

All costs must be visible at checkout. Make sure to inform the client if the delivery cost is fixed or changes depending on the region. And specify in advance if there is a minimum order value.

Loyalty Program

The cumulative discount program allows you to retain customers, consolidate your audience, and increase sales. Users will be able to receive bonuses when registering, making orders, or inviting friends. It is a powerful marketing tool.

Push Notifications

This feature will allow you to send ads, service updates, and information notifications to users without restrictions and additional costs for SMS. It can also be used to inform the customer of the whereabouts of their order.

Payment Within The Application

In-app orders can be easily and securely paid using bank cards. It will undoubtedly add convenience to both you and your clients. There should be several payment options so that each user can choose a suitable method.

Online Tracking of The Order

Customers appreciate the ability to track the courier’s whereabouts and the status of the order in real-time (they will clearly see when the order was prepared and passed for the delivery). It helps people to determine when they receive the order.

Personal Profile

Your customers will appreciate it if they do not have to enter delivery information anew every time they want to place an order. Personal profiles will allow them to get the orders even faster.

Rating System

The ratings and reviews of a restaurant, food, or courier play an important role in improving the quality of service. They help to promote those who do their job well. At the same time, it boosts the transparency of your business.


plans to launch one

If your business has its own delivery service or plans to launch one, a delivery application is a must for you. Many surveys show that business metrics like conversions and repeated purchases are higher for app users than for website users. The application is more convenient, and it makes customers use your service longer and order more often. Furthermore, the application will speed up the work of the whole business and make it mobile, so you will get more orders and generate more profit. It is the right time to start digitizing your business.

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