Documentaries and Feature Films about Crypto

As a cryptocurrency fan, it’s beneficial to have a firm grasp of the history and current state of Blockchain technology. However, blockchain technology has advanced so rapidly over the last decade that it is impossible to learn about it in an hour.

Even then, you may have a hazy understanding of cryptocurrencies and their operation. This is where Bitcoin documentaries and films come into play. Within a couple of hours, these cultural productions teach you the history, varieties of currencies, and probable future of the cryptocurrency industry.

If you want a crash lesson in crypto technology, one of these films/documentaries is your best bet. Additionally, Liquid is always available to assist you in comprehending the complicated world of blockchain and cryptocurrency. Here is all about Bitcoin Digital App.

Banking in Bitcoin

The best documentaries are available on the subject of Bitcoin and related technology. This 1.5-hour production, directed by Christopher Cannucciari, was released in 2016. The biggest feature of Banking on Bitcoin is that it keeps track of every key event from Bitcoin’s debut in 2008.

The filmmakers focused on a variety of subjects, including the growth of Bitcoin. In summary, if you’re looking for a concise explanation of Bitcoin’s path from 2008 to 2016, you should watch this documentary. It is streaming on Amazon Prime Video.


If you’re looking for a documentary about cryptocurrencies that gets it all right, you must watch CRYPTOPIA and the Future of the Internet. Torsten Hoffmann is the director of this production, well known for his previous work on the subject from a few years ago.

This 2020 documentary explores the Bitcoin ecosystem’s operation and how it addresses obstacles, conflicts, and other developmental difficulties. Rather than an introductory session to the cryptocurrency world, this video presents you with critical insights for long-term investing.


Crypto is undoubtedly the most popular cryptocurrency film that has gained mainstream popularity. As you might assume, this is mostly a crime drama thriller film. However, the film has numerous references to Bitcoin technology.

Because the film’s primary protagonists are involved in the money laundering of decentralized money, you can witness a real-world application of the technologies. The picture is directed by John Stalberg Jr. and stars Beau Knapp and Luke Hemsworth, providing one of the most thrilling thriller experiences available.

Trust Machine

Have you ever wondered how a system as precise as the blockchain came to be? How it all started and laid the groundwork for the frictionless bitcoin transactions we enjoy today? This film, produced by Alex Winter, will assist you in understanding the technical and logical components of the Blockchain network.

Numerous cryptocurrencies have been created; a small percentage of them will almost certainly survive the stains. In some parts of the world, cryptocurrencies are legitimately used and are used to pay for commodities. Exchanges and other services have aided the sector—and they now face challenges that no one has ever faced.

Netflix: Cryptocurrency

Assume you’re not interested in spending hours watching someone discuss Bitcoin. You only require an introduction to how blockchain is rapidly altering our world. In that case, you’ll want to watch Netflix’s Explained series’ Cryptocurrency episode.

The creators of this 14-minute clip can teach you everything about cryptocurrency tokens and the environment that surrounds them. Given what we witnessed, it is a great film, and we frequently wished it was more than 14 minutes. However, if you’re in a hurry, look no farther than this.

Rise of Bitcoin

Would you like to see a cryptocurrency film that captures the globe during the cryptocurrency and Bitcoin boom? While providing an accurate portrayal of what occurred, the film will also swiftly introduce you to concepts such as digital currency and the Blockchain network.

Additionally, this film is available through Amazon Prime. Gavin Andresen is one of them; he spoke directly with Nakamoto and contributed to the advancement of technology. Overall, one of the larger productions is tracing the history of bitcoin and the assets surrounding it.

The Deep Web

This documentary, narrated by Keanu Reeves, throws light on a darker side of the internet. The film is about Silk Road – the first marketplace of its type to accept Bitcoin payments – and its enigmatic leader, Dread Pirate Roberts. When the Silk Roads’ traffic became too large to be unreported, officials intervened.

The film depicts how police officers approached the arrest and detention of Silk Road’s 29-year-old creator, Ross William Ulbricht.

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