What is The Future of Edtech? [Education Technology]

EdTech will overthrow traditional learning methods. It will usher in a better learning experience for students. Technology has undoubtedly found a way to infiltrate every aspect of our lives. Different sectors have significantly benefited from the gains of technology, and the education sector has also not been left behind

As was informed by Thesis Geek experts, EdTech has made life easier for both students and tutors. It has made education accessible to almost everyone with access to the internet. Therefore, everyone is eager to know what the future of EdTech will be.

5 Gadgets That will Shape the Future of EdTech

From reading to learning, gadgets are useful in the education sector. The future of EdTech can be gleaned from what gadgets are available already. Therefore, if you want to explore EdTech, you should know the best gadgets out there. Here are the top 5 gadgets shaping the future of EdTech.

1. Cloud Computing

Gone are the days when students needed big books to document what they learned. Also, students no longer face the risk of abruptly losing their entire projects or tasks due to device failure. With cloud computing, students can store and access information on their courses permanently on the cloud. Lecturers can also review assignments and projects from students on the cloud. It is a better alternative and makes studying easier.

2. Virtual Reality

The focus on improving user experience is also essential in education. With more classes streamed on display gadgets, the stats are in favor of a better learning experience. Virtual reality has predominantly been used for games and movies. However, it can be a great addition to the education sector. Students can have a better learning experience while watching video tutorials.

3. Augmented Reality

Augmented reality (AR)

Augmented reality will play a massive role in improving education, just like virtual reality. AR will significantly enhance the learner’s experience. By adding digital objects to the real world, students can enjoy practical lessons in the classroom. There will be less of separating the theory from the practical. Students will learn both theoretical and practical aspects at once. Moreover, integrating digital objects into physical realities will make classes fun.

4. Game-Based Learning [GBL]

As education evolves, people are searching for ways to make learning fun and engaging. Game-based learning is a fun way to learn. By repeating tasks in a fun and engaging manner, students will understand better. It also encourages them to become solution-finders.

When they fail, they want to know why they failed and strive to win the next time. Students will understand better and become eager to solve problems. Moreover, solving problems is the ultimate goal of education, so it’s a win-win situation. 

5. 3D Printing Technology

The more people get involved in their learning process, the more they demand better learning models. 3D printing technology offers that and more.

3D printing enhances illustrative learning and will significantly impact the learning processes for technology and engineering students. Students can print prototypes of their ideas and share them with their colleagues and supervisors. This will drive the narrative for practical learning in the world.


The average student’s dream is to get knowledge engagingly and at their comfort. Technology has stepped in to make learning more fun, informative, and engaging. Therefore, we can safely conclude that education is transforming and the future of EdTech is just beginning.

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