5 Types Of Proxy To Enhance Computer Security

With the rapid diffusion of the internet, also many serious risks that are connected to it began to rise among millions of users worldwide. We all know that internet security is the main key to safe internet navigation, but probably not all internet users are aware of the tools they can use to enhance the protection of their device and connection.

Know If A Site Is Secure Through Its URL

Many people think that all the existing risks on the internet come from dangerous sites. That’s also true but many risks derive from other sources like phishing or malware or other forms of spamming that are meant to get your data, either directly or indirectly.

Of course, when you navigate on sites with an URL starting with HTTPS://, your device is completely safe as those sites use special protection that prevents anyone from hacking their visitors’ devices. Oftentimes, it’s said that gambling sites are unsafe.

Here, the same rule can be applied: as long as the site URL starts with HTTPS://, you can visit the site, register your account, and play the games. You won’t have any security problems even if you want to place real-money bets on your games.

If you want to do a smart thing, trust only these Indian casinos that offer bonuses with no-deposit. Their sites are fully compliant with the international gambling requirements and internet security measures.

The same concept must be applied when you visit financial sites, for example, for online investment or trading purposes. This is all doubly important when traveling and connecting to strange wifi sources. Keep in mind to check the site’s URL and spend a couple of minutes researching that site online.

Read reviews and users’ comments to know their experience and understand if and how much that site is secure.

Protect Your Computer Privacy With The Proxy

For those who don’t have deep knowledge in computer science or internet security, learning something about the proxy server can be largely useful to adopt new protective measures to defend their device and connection.

First of all, we want to introduce you to the proxy system. It works like a firewall between your computer and the sites that you want to visit. The proxy filters all the data maintaining your computer privacy protection. Both going and coming data are filtered. But beyond doing this, a proxy allows you not to expose your device’s IP every time you navigate the internet. Having your computer IP hidden saves your device from anyone who might want to access it and, through it, all the data stored inside it which means your files, apps, and any other data.

Available Types Of Proxy Servers

In general, proxy servers enhance your security by creating a firewall between your device and the internet. You can use different proxies to filter unwanted ads or other forms of spam. When you use a proxy server, your browsing becomes private and safe.

Through a proxy server, you can prevent your employees (if you have a business) from accessing certain sites that you will select and block like social media sites or time-wasting sites, so they won’t be distracted during the work.

Here are the available types of proxy servers that you may want to get:

1. Forward proxy

This type of proxy is mainly used for transmitting data from a chief device to a group of secondary devices (for example, from an office manager’s device to the employees’ devices) for internal networks with a single point of entry.

2. Transparent proxy

With this type of proxy, you’ll have the same navigation experience from your home’s computer. That’s why it’s called “transparent”. These proxies are designed for companies that want to use a proxy server without having the employees know it.

3. Anonymous proxy

This proxy server type is used for making internet activity untraceable. The proxy accesses the internet for the user while hiding their identity and computer IP address. Anonymous proxies are thought for those who want to navigate the internet without anyone being able to trace back to them.

4. High-anonymity proxy

If you want the highest level of anonymity when accessing the internet, this type of proxy meets your goals. It deletes your computer information before the proxy can connect to the site that you want to visit. This proxy is designed for users who don’t want anyone to trace back their internet activity.

5. Distorting proxy

This type of proxy works by changing its IP address into an incorrect one. The site can’t know it’s a wrong IP and it allows it to make you visit the pages. This proxy makes it as though you were accessing that specific site from a different country, it also hides both your identity and the proxy’s one, too.

There are also more types of proxies, but we think that the ones we’ve described above can satisfy every user’s need for safe internet navigation.

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