9 Methods To Fix Google Play Store Download Pending Error

Once in our lifetime, we have come across the scenario wherein Google Playstore has shown some or the other kind of errors.

Specifically seen when trying to download some of the other apps or games. No matter how smartly an application or game has been designed or developed it will always have some of the other kinds of issues.

Then some of them may be very irritating when trying to play or try some newly released app or game.

This problem has been there for quite some time but there is nothing to worry about as we are sure that you might have tried downloading some apps which showed an error while downloading.

So without wasting time let’s take a look at the probable issues that usually comes around when trying to get going with the app or game downloads from the Google Play Store

Here are 9 Methods To Fix Google Play Store Download Pending

1. Run a check on the latest updates and files downloaded recently

This is nice if a problem than a usual eye may see it as. The probable cause here for the big-time blunder can be the google play download pending apps that are being updated at the same time you are trying to download something from Google Play.

The problem usually comes up when more than one or multiple updates of huge sizes are in the queue to be downloaded.

But in cases where you need an app urgently like booking a ride from Ola, here is what you can probably do.

1. Open the Google Play Store.

2. Then click or press on Menu.

3. At last, select My Apps and Games.

This will give you access to see what or which applications are installed on your phone and which one out of them is updating.

While on the other hand, you will be able to see what is the size of the download that is ongoing.

Just if you want to stop one of them or all of them at once you can press the cancel or X button to stop the download.

Hence letting your phone use the same data or connection speed to download the app you need right now to be downloaded and installed.

2. See if your connection is stable/or if it is connected.

Yeah, you read that right it possibly will appear to be a very silly problem, and its solution on the other hand. But this is something that should strike your mind the very first time the downloads from google play store download pending.

Just in case you are on a wifi network, then you should try opening any website on your system/computer where you can see if it is just a problem with downloads or the entire connection or network infrastructure has failed.

Hence will give you a better picture much earlier. So if there is a problem with your connection you can contact the ISP.

And still, if the problem persists then you can turn the wifi for some time and use the mobile data for some time.

3. Or the probable issue can be the download preference for the specific app has been disabled which causes the app to be avoided from downloading.

You need to make sure the downloading from the data has been enabled. Just in case you have disabled that you will not be able to download something or any app from google play stuck on download pending.

Here is what you need to do in such a situation.

1. Just reach out to the Google Play Store.

2. Select the menu option which is located on the extreme left side of the mobile screen (3 vertical lines).

3. Then press on the settings.

4. Select the app download preferences.

5. Select downloads overall networks.

And if the downloading goes back to normal or starts resuming then you can go back to the phone or network home settings.

Here you just need to restart the modem and if everything else fails you should probably be talking to your Internet Service Provider.

4. Run a check on the storage or the Storage Data Card (Memory Card)

One of the most usual causes or reasons for all the downloads that ever began or started from the google play store stuck on download pending store then you should probably see if the storage or SD card is in good health.

In most cases whenever the storage hits the low threshold or capacity of not being able to store more data you will be notified.

Nevertheless, if you still wish to ensure that the storage is enough and the download can perhaps suffice hence there are several things that could be done.

See if your store has some space and this can be done manually when you press the settings icon. And later storage option.

And if you see that the storage is low, try getting rid of some junk files which are occupying some or huge space on the mobile device.

There are some temporary files that over time get accumulated in the phone and start covering that much of space.

Once done you can try downloading the file once again.

And if just in case the download keeps failing again there is some problem with your storage or SD card in the first place.

There are chances where the storage is not properly configured or the sd card is not inserted properly. Do it properly and try doing it once again.

You will probably be successful this time.

5. Try Rebooting Your Device

This again might sound too silly but this is a solution that also works when communication between the satellites and receiving stations loses communication.

If there are no current downloads and no pressure on the connection still while the device is idle and the download fails this is what you need to do.

You should probably try restarting your device.

Which is absolutely a no-brainer for all? However, you may not believe how effective it is.

Just try shutting down the device at once while you long-press the power button which will shut off the device and help it to restart while doing the same.

6. Try Downloading via Your Browser

Just when everything else fails one must try downloading the apps from a web browser that comes pre-installed on the phone.

This is where the problem can be solved as there are high chances that the downloads can be triggered by the browser.

Just you need to get going with the Google browser and log in with the same credentials. Once done type in the name of the app you wish to download in the search console.

Check if it is available in the search results and tap on download, then you are good to go.

7. Try downloading the app from the Google Play site

Get in the play store’s official website and enter your Google account username and password. Once done you need to select the device which you have or on which you will be using the app or playing the game.

The drop-down or checklist will have the device listed on it for sure. Nevertheless, it is worth a shot though.

8. Try clearing the Google Play app store data and cache

Not succeeded so far, don’t worry this new method always works for sure without fail.

Let us try something different this time.

So to do this you need to clear the cache and data which is usually the backlog of the previous downloads and apps installed on the phone.

This is how you can get going with it

1. You need to select or press the settings

2. After that select apps

3. Select the disabled, force stop, or uninstall updates where you will see the Google play app options and other notifications.

4. Then you need to select the storage

5. Ensure that the Play Store is closed and later press the clear cache option.

6. Just in case you don’t want to do that again you can clear the data as well. This will clear the cache and data all at once.

Once done you need to reboot the device. As the phone or tablet has been restarted the downloads will no longer be download pending google play at all.

9. Try switching the google account in use

One of the most effective ways of getting this done is by trying to download the app or game from the Google Play Store while you switch your primary account with some other account which is associated with the Play Store.

This is how you can do it

1. Tap on settings and go to accounts & sync, select it.

2. Come across the Google account on the probable list.

3. Select it and press removes the account.

4. Reboot the device.

5. And once it is done, reach out to the account and sync and reach the end of the list.

6. There will be an option to add a new account.

7. Retry your download

8. Reinstall and uninstall the updates installed from Google Play Store.

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