How To Download Free Game ROMs Using Proxies

Opening your web browser at any point broadcasts your location to the entire web, whether streaming or downloading content. With gaming consoles having been rendered obsolete, playing classic video games today requires that you download their ROM files and compatible emulators to enable play.

The use of ROMs for games you do not actually own is deemed illegal, and some games may be unavailable in some locations. That is why many people will opt to stay anonymous when downloading. How? You may ask. By using a proxy.

In this article, we get into details about proxies and how you can use them to download free gaming ROMs.

What is a Proxy?

Before any computer can connect to the internet, it must have an Internet Protocol (IP) address. An IP address allows computers to transmit data and tells the exact location of one’s computer. Hackers can access computers once they identify their IP addresses. To prevent potential hacking and websites from knowing your location, you can hide your location using a proxy.

A proxy is primarily a go-between for your computer and different parts of the web. It filters all internet traffic by using a different IP address. That way, your real IP address is hidden. This prevents computer tracing. Proxies typically work by forwarding your request(s) to sites and then obtaining the required content.

Web browsers usually have built-in settings that permit proxy usage with incognito web browsing and internet file downloads. You can easily obtain proxies from internet sources.

Once you can input multiple proxies into your browser settings, then you can have them alternate between each other. This makes it difficult to track or identify your computer’s real IP address.

Benefits of Using ProxiesWhen Gaming

  • A proxy server comes in handy whereby a particular gaming site has blocked someone due to the violation of terms and conditions.
  • A proxy offers a better user experience. It includes additional features like unlimited bandwidth, which lets you enjoy improved speeds. Proxies also reduce lag time as they lessen latency and ping.
  • It is a method that can help you access country or location-specific sites without actually being there. A proxy allows you to access gaming content unavailable in your country or location.

How to Get Proxy Addresses

  • Through a proxy list: these are clear-cut lists with available static proxies. They are typically more challenging to manage as they need manual IP rotation.
  • Through gateway addresses: these are also referred to as back connect proxies. They allow you to access proxy networks through back connect servers. The provided IP address rotates individually.
  • Downloading applications: with this method, you download the proxy’s browser bundle, e.g., the tor project, and its portable, then extract it to a flash drive for use.

Are Proxies Free or Paid?

There are available free and payable proxies. However, free proxies also come at a cost as they pose certain dangers. Because they are available for all, they are likely to be slow with high block rates. It is important to beware that free proxies are more vulnerable. They may be used to earn income by privily exploiting your data through less recognized means.

The paid or premium proxies are best for those who value cybersecurity and privacy. Their vendors disclose their revenue resources, unlike those of free proxies.

Downloading Free ROM Games Using Proxies

  • Choose a suitable way to obtain your proxy and port addresses. You should choose a proxy with an IP address that defines an HTTP or HTTPS protocol.
  • Once you pick your IP and port address, right-click to Copy. Depending on your OS, you will change or configure your IP address differently;

For Windows, you need to navigate to “Settings” and select “Network& Internet.” From there, click on “Proxy.”This should display the Automatic and Manual Proxy Setup. From the “Manual Proxy Setup,” switch on the “Use Proxy Server” option.

Paste/ enter the IP and Port address as obtained into the designated fields. Now click Save.

For Mac, navigate to “Safari” followed by “Preferences” and then click on “Advanced.” Next, you will need to hit “Change Settings,” which should be displayed next to Proxies. This allows you to open the Network pane of System Preferences.

Now paste the proxy settings provided by the proxy server IP address and port on the designated fields. Click OK.

  • Check if the proxy is working by simply searching for something online. If it doesn’t, try a different one that works.
  • Now search for the ROM files you wish to download. At this point, your address will be anonymous, and you can proceed to download the ROMs. You must download the ROMs of the specific game consoles to emulate. You can obtain ROMs from sites like

Using the Downloaded Game ROMs to Run a Game

ROMs are primarily file extensions and are technically video cartridges. They are available in compressed formats- ZIP or RAR. Due to that, you must have a program that you can use to decompress the ZIP or RAR formats. Winzip or 7-zip are good options.

To play game ROMs, you will also need an emulator. An emulator imitates a console’s functioning. Therefore, find a suitable and compatible emulator to use with your device. For example, you need a GameBoy Advance emulator and the specific GameBoy Advance ROMs to run GameBoy Advance games.

For your ROMs to run as best as they should, you need to download the emulator BIOS file.

Once you are ready with these requirements, the next thing is to launch your emulator and run your game.

Final Thoughts

Proxies are an effective solution to access online content anonymously. Gaming is a lifestyle for some people, but some game developers and websites may have restrictions that deter gamers from playing their favorite games. Even so, gamers can take advantage and use proxies to download free ROM games while remaining discreet. If you need to use proxies to download ROM games, follow our directives above, and you will be good to go.

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