What is BNB? How To Get Free BNB

Investing in crypto coins can sometimes be tricky, especially nowadays when we have many altcoins. Most people are afraid of investing in a currency, fearing that it will or doesn’t perform well in the markets. If you’re looking for ways to invest in crypto, then you should consider how to get free bnb.

What is BnB? BnB is the trading symbol of the Binance coin, a crypto coin distributed by the Binance exchange. Binance exchange is the largest crypto exchange platform globally. During its inception, the bnb coin operated on the Ethereum blockchain. However, these days, the currency has been moved over to the Binance blockchain.

How to Buy BNB

If you’re looking for means of how to earn free binance coin, then you’re in the right place. In this guide, we will share tips on how you can buy binance coins. The value of the bnb coin has appreciated over the years, making it a worthy crypto asset to invest in.

Much of the bnb’s appreciation has been because of Binance’s growth as the go-to crypto exchange platform. If you’re looking to buy and hodl your bnb tokens, you will first need a binance coin wallet. These wallets will allow you to store your coins safely and access them whenever and wherever.

If you’re a newbie to crypto, you can opt to use Binance’s web wallet. However, always remember that this doesn’t give 100% autonomy over your coins. Case in point, should the exchange account go down, you may end up losing your coins.

This option can be cost-effective if you do not have a massive stash of bnb coins. You will also end up saving quite a lot on Binance fees.  

How to Buy and Withdraw Binance Coins

Aside from looking for ways to earn bnb free, you can also buy them. There are several bnb exchange sites, but the most prominent three that most people use are Binance, YouHodler and eToro. Binance is the go-to option for anyone looking to buy bnb coins.

For one, Binance supports various payment options. All you will need is to sign up for an account, upload a copy of your ID for verification, and add a mode of payment. After that, you’re ready to purchase your first bnb coins. You can withdraw your bnb coins to your private crypto wallet. However, as mentioned earlier, you can store them on Binance to save on the transaction fees.

Bottom Line

There are several ways of getting bnb free coins. Owning and investing in bnb is a good choice, more so if you cannot afford to buy Bitcoin or Ethereum. You can use the bnb coins to make payments, buy gifts, or make investments.

There are plenty of exchange sites that support bnb coins. However, you need to know the exchange rates vary from site to site. It is always a good idea to carry out adequate background research before you sign up on any exchange platform. You can always get info from crypto forums on the internet. Redditt also has a good subforum that discusses everything crypto.

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