How to Test Internet Speed? | 6 Best Internet Speed Test Sites

A revolutionized communication platform, the Internet has changed the manner people communicate and work today. With easing and transforming every aspect of life, the Internet has played quite a crucial part. From reading the news to searching for information or ordering meals to shop, the Internet acted as the backbone to offer all such services in just a click.

With millions of small and large domains linked to academics, business, organizational, domestic, and government networks, all carry multiple information that can be used by everyone worldwide. Shortened as ‘net,’ this is not just connected with information exchange but is a comprehensive, sophisticated multidisciplinary tool that creates content, social relationships and even helps escape bitter reality.

Adorned with plenty of uses, the need for the fast-paced Internet is uncanny. While the market is flooded with numerous internet service providers claiming different speeds, a check on their claims must ensure the best service. But how? Well, some fantastic free websites offer the facility to check your ISP speed and offer you the most accurate results.

Reasons for Slow Internet

Gaping the reason behind the slow speed internet? A few reasons are:

  • High usage of network
  • Maintenance or outage
  • Malfunctioning or overheating of the router
  • Blockage or throttling of connection
  • A potential virus or malware attack

Points To Consider Before Testing

Is the ISP delivering the speed promised? If you are wondering to check ISP speed and are looking for some sites, then there are some pre-requisite points to consider like:

  • Avoid splitting up the connection while performing the test.
  • The testing should be done in the ideal condition without deactivating the service one uses typically.
  • Rather than depending on one test, try to go for a couple for assurance of results.
  • There are a few peak hours while the net usage is at utmost. Test the speed multiple times in a day to pinpoint the potential blindspots.

Qualities of a favorable Testing Site

Is this ISP speed testing site favorable? While you plan to move ahead by selecting a site, the points that make a site advantageous and friendly to use are:

  • Ease of use with straightforward instructions.
  • The information offered is accurate and appropriate.
  • The site provides testing under real-life situations rather than optimized conditions.
  • The site should be simple and with efficient tools.
  • A site that offers comparison over a wide range of networks provides better results.
  • Lastly, the perfect internet speed testing site will be free from all kinds of biases.

Top Internet Speed Test Sites to Explore

Once you know the need to test and qualities of a good internet speed testing site, it is essential to be aware of the pioneers in the field. The best ones to opt for are:

1. Speedtest (

Provided by Broadband Speed Checker, this is a simple and straightforward portal that offers internet speed testing with just a click. A great way to find out the net’s problems, the portal provides insight about smoothly understanding the test results. Usually, the download speed is ten times more than the upload speed. The result on the site is offered in Mb/s, which makes the results readily available for comparison with the provider’s speed.

2. Xfinity Speed Test (

With no pop-ups or advertisements in between, the Xfinity Speed Test is an adequate tool to check the PC and mobile internet speed. Developed by Comcast, this tool is visually appealing with a user-friendly interface and offering detailed information about the internet speed, its measurement, and even offering tips to improve the speed. This site presents all the necessary information about the Internet like IP address, upload/download speeds, ping, server location, and others with just a click.

3. Speedcheck (

A simple and straightforward site that offers the internet speed test results with just a click. The details that are offered in the result include detailed information about latency, download speed, upload speed, IP address, provider, and security. The site allows you to check the history and hence offers the average performance records too. The straightforward information about the internet performance and speed helps to check and solve the issues, if any.

4. Internet Health Test (

Comparatively a more comprehensive tool than the rest, this offers better-analyzed data of internet speed. A site designed by Ookla LLC is one with a simple design. The site provides essential data and information about additional features like jitter and ping. It runs the test through the system while in the ideal circumstances to offer the most verified results. It also allows sharing the result on social media for comparison by others.


Quite a simple tool that starts by just entering the site in the bar. This tool is developed by the entertainment giant Netflix by offering the necessary details of the upload and download speed. A button to see the additional information is available at the bottom to know about the latency and upload figures. It also allows for sharing the data on social media. A FAQ page is linked to the result page that offers answers to a few basic questions about

6. SpeedOf.Me

 It is the best non-ISP internet speed test available. Graphically presenting the data and chart over time format, the results are comparatively easy to read and interpret. The fundamental details that are highlighted include download/ upload speed, latency, and IP address. The tool also offers the option to share the data. Also, the history options allow you to compare the details overtime at a glance.

Final Verdict

A high speed and obstacle-free Internet is necessary for handling everyday activities like studying, business, communication, and even information sharing. Additionally, there is no surety that the information offered about the speed at the initial period stays consistent later on.

There are dozens of sites that provide the facility to test the speed, but the ones listed are sophisticated, easy-to-use, accurate, and free from all sorts of bias. is one with robust networks of servers, while offers more control.

While every tool provides the most accurate results, the best part is these tools are straightforward and available free of cost. Check the internet speed to get the best service and obstacle-free internet service.

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