How To Watch The Final 3 Thursday Night Football Games

Amazon Prime NFL is an add-on feature for those that have an Amazon Prime account. Starting on Thursday, October 8th, Amazon Prime Thursday Night Football became a weekly tradition. Amazon Prime allows users to replay the top plays from the games in real-time instead of waiting for the broadcast to review the footage. Also, NFL Amazon Prime offers the “X-ray functionality” feature, that offers stats specific to the plays such as running speeds, time to throw, relevant milestones, and trivia. 

One overwhelming appeal to using Amazon Prime NFL is that you can watch live Thursday Night Football games. With the subscription of an Amazon Prime account, you can access both the live feed and the X-Ray functionality option with your Android or iOS device, or a Fire Stick/Fire TV. 

With just a handful of Thursday Night Football games left, here are the games you can access if you take advantage of Amazon Prime NFL.

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Week 14 Matchup: Patriots & Rams

Since COVID-19 cases spiked, the Baltimore Ravens and Pittsburgh Steelers game was moved to Tuesday. That means that there is no Thursday Night Football on Week 13. The following week will feature the New England Patriots making an appearance on Thursday Night Football pacific time. The Patriots take on the Los Angeles Rams in a game that will have implications for both teams. 

The Rams are battling both the Seattle Seahawks and Arizona Cardinals for the NFC West, while the Patriots are trying to leapfrog two teams to make the postseason. After losing to the San Francisco 49ers, the Rams are barely hanging on to the No. 5 seed. As for the Patriots, the No. 10 seed is battling the Ravens and Raiders for the final seventh spot. 

Cam Newton’s stock took a dramatic hit against the Cardinals when he finished the game with just 55 passing yards, one interception rating, and a quarterback rating of 22.9. However, the team pulled off the win and the Patriots are 5-6. A win over the Rams would certainly give Bill Bellichick a chance for the Patriots to make a run towards the postseason. 

Week 15 Matchup: Raiders & Chargers

After the Falcons blew out the Raiders on Week 12, it dropped Las Vegas to the No. 9 seed. At 6-5, the Raiders have a chance to still make the postseason. Taking care of the Chargers will be one of those games the team will need to win. The Chargers are no slouch team though. With Justin Herbert, Keenan Allen, and Austin Ekeler, this team proves that hanging 20 to 30 points is a simple task. 

The Raiders just gave up 43 points in a 43-6 beatdown by Atlanta. The defense will need to take care of business if they have any shot of making the postseason. One should expect that Derek Carr and Justin Herbert will be slinging the ball over the field, so that makes this another great watchebable matchup on Thursday. 

Week 16 Matchup: Vikings & Saints

Even though this game is technically on a Friday, the Christmas special will be a part of Amazon Prime’s package for Thursday Night Football. Hopefully, by this time, Drew Brees will be fully recovered from a punctured lung and his 11 rib fractures. He has missed the last two games due to the injury, and his timeline to return is up in the air. If Brees returns, the Saints could be still in contention for the No. 1 seed in the NFC. 

As for the Vikings, the team could be in contention for making the postseason. The Vikings are currently the No. 8 seed in the NCF and are just one game back of the Cardinals. The Vikings have been hot as of late, winning four of their last five games. If this game has significance, it will make Christmas even more exciting.

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