Important Factors are Determining the Potential of a Cryptocurrency Exchange!

The term intermediator or middlemen usually declines the credibility of a virtual coin marketplace, known as a decentralized monetary system. But significant aspects and elements of this market, like an exchange, are itself, intermediator.

Exchange works exactly like any other trading venue, but some enticing features of these digital coins have turned the mechanism of cryptocurrency a bit odd. To execute any operation regarding cryptocurrencies, you need an exchange.

Outdated investment methods like hiring a cryptocurrency broker comes with plenty of disadvantages. Check out the News Spy App to get a complete overview of bitcoin trading calls. On the contrary, a digital currency exchange has made a statement of being undefeatable out of all trading venues offering services in the virtual currency market.

Cryptocurrency investment, if done incorrectly, can cost you a lot of money and trustworthy exchange ease out the complication subjected to investment and trading purpose.

Below are a few of the essential factors that decide a cryptocurrency exchange’s potential.

Legitimacy in jurisdiction!  

Trustworthy cryptocurrency exchanges executing operations on a global level are only a few. Undeniably, digital coins are non-regulated in many countries, but that does not allow every virtual coin exchange to operate in your locality. Therefore, double-checking the availability of a cryptocurrency exchange in your region is a mandate. You can visit the play store and app store to check about cryptocurrency exchanges that operate in your country.

Few leading exchanges in almost every country are Binance and Coin base. It is also necessary to acknowledge the availability of a cryptocurrency exchange in a region is not permanent at all. The availability of such exchange utterly depends upon the government rules and regulations alongside cryptocurrency exchange privacy policy and security protocols.

Trading Pairs!

Undoubtedly mainstream cryptocurrencies like BTC are listed on every digital currency exchange, but does the exchange you are about to use listless popular altcoins. Currently, the profit potential of infamous cryptocurrencies is way more than the vanilla coins like ether.

 Before visiting or using any cryptocurrency exchange, one should check the available trading pairs. Besides keeping an eye on listed cryptocurrencies and upcoming projects, you should also acknowledge the availability of many fiat currencies. However, when listing less popular coins, the Binance exchange is unbeatable. The exchange has listed thousands of digital coins since its release.


Fees and authenticity are two prominent reasons to choose and evaluate different cryptocurrency exchanges. The majority of trading venues deduct a few percentages of the entire amount involved in an exchange. The exchange can also vary based on decentralization and centralization like virtual coins.

Advanced users are shifting towards decentralized exchange as they know the proper security measures and actions to take on this type of exchange. A nominal margin in transaction fees can result in a big difference in the entire transaction amount while performing transactions. If you want to save some bucks as fees, you should opt for a local exchange rather than an international exchange.

User base and Reputation!

The comparison between cryptocurrencies and the stock market has been ongoing for a very long time. Undoubtedly, virtual coins exchange affects the decentralization part of digital currencies but provides an upper hand to many novices and advanced traders. The trading options present on an exchange are immune.

Historically, emerging cryptocurrency exchanges have been attacked by a group of hackers multiple times. For example, mt. Gox operated exceedingly well for three years and was attacked by a small group of hackers in 2014. Therefore, checking the Reputation, user base, and white paper of the cryptocurrency exchange is essential.

Security protocols!

Security protocols account as a magnificent factor demonstrating the trustworthiness and legitimacy of a cryptocurrency exchange. But, unfortunately, the security policy and privacy policy of cryptocurrency are not usually the same, some demand personal data of the user for better security. But few shallow exchanges were alleged to sell users’ data to third parties and ended up invading customers’ privacy.

Cryptocurrency exchange enhances securities by KYCs, 2-factor authentication, and extra locking features. Moreover, few exchanges offer free-of-cost cold storage for better security of the assets. The spot and funding wallet of exchange have a considerable difference in security. The above listed are some essential factors demonstrating the potential of a cryptocurrency exchange.

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