Is It True That the Human Trafficking Based NGO Is Going To Accept Bitcoin Donations?

Bitcoin is the world’s most popular cryptocurrency, and millions of people are investing their money in this digital currency.

You will not believe that people are now using this crypto to make transactions, buy goods and services, plan tours, gamble, and many other purposes. Bitcoin is always on the news, and it is a hot topic in the market also. People are earning a good amount of profits by investing in this digital currency.

You will be glad to know that the big companies and institutions have also started to adopt the bitcoin and accept its payment.

Recently, we heard that even the human trafficking-based NGO is also joining the list by accepting donations made in bitcoin. Yes, this is a piece of actual news, and according to a report, the HTI (human trafficking institute) has now started to accept bitcoin-based donations.

People can donate their worth to this NGO with the help of bitcoin and many other digital currencies. You can know more about it in brief by landing on the Bitcoin Circuit Trading App website.

Nowadays, the human trafficking institute is being on the headlines by making its debut in the world of cryptocurrencies. This NGO released their statement in one of the well-known bitcoin magazine sites that they will accept donations even when they are made in the form of bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency. Furthermore, you should know that this institute will soon launch its bitcoin transaction technology, OpenNnode.

It will help to accept the lightning network and the on-chain options, which will help carry out bitcoin donations. Unfortunately, there is not much information available about how and when this NGO will start getting the donations in the bitcoin.

Many people don’t know much about the HTI group, and f you are also one of them, you should know that it is a group that tends to solve and address the global issues they do through support from the standard currency.

When we get deep into the human trafficking institute, we can see that it also works with its companion country to reduce the incidents of human trafficking. The institute does this by establishing the particular units which are good at implementing the law of anti-trafficking.

In addition, it can help in creating a variety of academic groups for training. The experts give the training within the team who are working on different kinds of cases of human trafficking. V Boutros, the CEO of this institute, stated that they are thrilled to be working with the OpenNode group to help grow their institute.

He said that the company could work out finding the correct type of uses of digital currencies. Accepting bitcoin can prove to be a great help for the organization.

They will use the donations made from the digital currency to reduce the significant problems of human trafficking worldwide. This institute work in capturing the people who are doing human trafficking and then helping the law for taking the appropriate actions against them.

With the help of this new donation mechanism, the platform can find a lot of supporters who will be able to donate all the money in the form of bitcoins. The lightning payment system can help find more and more people who will pay attention to the issue of human trafficking and donate a good amount of money to this institute without any problem.

There are a lot of benefits that this NGO will get by enabling donations made from digital currencies. People will be able to make quick transactions without bearing any transaction cost. The transaction cost of a bitcoin transaction is very much lower or even zero sometimes, so it will not put any burden on you.

The CEO of this NGO also said that every human trafficker is required to be stopped. With the help of your generous donations, the institute will make sure that the right people are getting help from that money; with the decision of implementing the digital currency donation, an individual will have a lot of options for making the donations without facing any issues.

If you also want to make the payment in the form of digital currency, then you need to access the platform OpenNode.

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