Lay Betting: Improve Your Lay Betting Strategy With Great Tips

Do you know what betting is? Well, indeed, it is one of the concepts that are pretty well-known among all people. A simple way to earn some quick money is by placing bets and winning against the odds; betting can be lucrative and fun when done in the right way. But the obsession with betting without having the right skills and knowledge can be harmful.

The most common bets are usually against the expected winner in the game, but Betfair Exchange offers a unique way to provide you with a higher degree of leverage while betting. The lay betting system provides the idea of making money against the losing candidate in the game. Sounds interesting, right?

So, here is a brief concept of the lay betting system and some tips that can be truly helpful to win.

Know About Lay Betting

The main reason for betting being so popular is that it offers the individuals placing the bet to win. Though there are various aspects of lay betting, the first thing to know is that this is a bit complicated for practical approaches. The lay betting strategy focuses on betting on an option that will not happen in the game or race. 

Although this is a new kind of strategy, it is genuinely lucrative when done correctly. While placing the lay bet on Betfair, one should remember that the bets are only placed on the exchange tab. This section will help you gain insights into the market set by the punters, making the decision simpler.

The lay betting strategy is best suited where there are 3 or more selections in a game. To understand the lay bet, let us see a quick example. Suppose in a horse race 10 horses are running. News floats to you that horse B is ill and is not expected to win. You place your lay bet on horse B. Now, as long as horse b fails to win the race, you are sure to win the game.

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Placing A Lay Betting

The steps to follow while using the lay betting strategy on Betfair to place a bet are as follows:

  • Use Betfair to find a suitable market.
  • Click on the lay box as per your selection.
  • Input your stake in the game against your selection.
  • Place the bet and wait to win.

Mathematically calculating the profit scenario, if the selection against which you lay a bet has a stake of £1.08, then it will calculate the liability as below:

  • Stake x (Lay odds – 1) = Liability
  • It makes the liability £8.
  • If your lay bet wins, you will earn £100 less than a 5% fee. It is how Betfair, a prominent betting exchange, makes money.
  • If your lay bet fails, you will lose your £8 obligation.

The Top Tips For Lay Betting

Even if you know the betting concept, the lay betting strategy works in the opposite direction. It makes it essential to know about the various tips that can prove to be helpful while placing the bet and ace the game. The most important tips to remember while using the same are as follows:

  • In lay betting, the dividend is much less than the stake. So, you need to recognize a different mindset which is based on having patience over the period.
  • It is important to be clear of the lay betting system and the reason for placing a lay bet on the option. Knowing the foundation and background can be helpful.
  • In the lay betting system, it is also important to analyze the stake. Always bet against the amount available in the bank to ensure that you end up in a profitable scenario.
  • The lay betting needs to be focused on price as well. One needs to be price-sensitive and take up the option that offers him leverage to earn better at low cost and know when to leave the market.
  • As the game moves ahead, there will be changes in the betting. So, the best lay betting strategy is to rely on early spins rather than waiting for delayed ones. 
  • Always avoid back while you are focused on lay betting strategy. Drifting away from the winning path for some small profits is truly not advisable. 
  • I prefer to have the lay betting system focused on the mid-ranged selection of options. Laying on favorites is not advisable.
  • And lastly, avoid placing the lay bet on the winners or top runners. It is a big no-no and can indeed lead to losses. 


There are several methods to make money on betting markets. However, before using a lay betting system like Betfair Exchange, it is necessary to comprehend the betting game. To be effective, it is required to grasp the alternatives or stakes in the game to recognize their potential and study their past. In this way, you can improve your odds of winning while using a lay betting strategy.


What is lay betting?

While placing a lay bet, you are suggesting or placing a stake stating that something will not happen. It implies that you are betting that team A will lose in a particular football game with lay bets.

Can You Bet On A Team NOT Win?

It might sound like a weird question, but you can do that. In the lay betting strategy, the main objective is to place a bet on the loser and not the winner of the game.

Which is the best betting exchange for lay betting systems?

Though there are various lay betting systems, Betfair is the most well-known and commonly used betting exchange.

What Sports Are Best For Lay Betting?

The best games for using the lay betting strategy are horse racing and football. But there are few other games as well where you are offered the lay betting system.

What will happen if you lose the lay bet?

In case of losing the lay bet, the bettor must pay the liability as confirmed while placing the bet.

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