How You Can Download Torrents Safely (Using VPN)

Many trusted and popular torrent sites are blocked in several regions and that’s why several users have to use torrents proxies. Well, we always provide reliable and secure torrent proxies still you need to be aware while using them.

Here are tips to download torrent safely.

Use a VPN

When you want to download files from P2P sharing sites then your IP (Internet Protocol) address is not hidden. This clearly indicates that your activity can be exposed to your ISP and cyber attackers and they can track your online activities.

Your ISP can even throttle your internet speed if they know you are using torrent sites. So, it would be best to use a reliable VPN service like.

and some other that help to hides your real IP and shows an IP address from another part of the world.

It also helps you to get access to blocked torrent sites in your region here some best torrenting websites.

You can also use real casino sites if they are not allowing in your country and access their latest casino bonuses. So, using a VPN is really beneficial for internet users when torrenting sites or other activities.

Use Only Legal Torrents

Many popular torrenting websites host both legal and copyrighted content. Since it is difficult to check which torrents are protected by copyright, you should only visit legitimate websites with legal content. This way you avoid legal consequences if you accidentally download illegal files.

There are lots of torrent websites on the internet and some of the offer legal while some provide illegal content. It is really hard to differentiate each torrent site but if you are visiting the legal torrent site then you have no fear of any data breach or anything. This should help you to any consequences from the ISP or anybody. Here are legal torrent sites: Internet Archive, Legit Torrents, Public Domain, and Vuze

Use A Reliable Torrent Client

It is obvious that you need to use a torrent client when you want to download files from P2P sharing sites. It is software or an app that allows you to download a file through torrent or magnet link and easily manage them on your computer or smartphone.

It simply gets your file from the people who share it on torrent sites by connecting to the torrent server. So, you need to use a client that is free but also and fast and easy to use. qBitTorrent, uTorrent, and BitTorrent are some popular examples.

Use the Right Seed

Even the layman who regularly downloads files from torrent websites is familiar with the fact that the file with more seeders is secure as many users have downloaded and kept it for sharing with others.

Torrent sites are a place where anyone can upload a file that can be harmful to your system but no would want to seed such files. If you use torrent sites very often then you should also seed every file download and if it is secure.

Read the Comments

As all the torrent websites are community-based platforms, they permit users to post comments on any file they have downloaded.

So, users usually inform here about the file and where readers can know if the particular torrent file is malware-free or is a threat. If you find several positive comments then you may assume that it is a safe file to download.

A newly uploaded file may not have high seeders or more comments but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t safe so, consider other things as well to check the safety of the file.

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