Video Conferencing – A Way To Business Success

In the 21st century, the style of communication has changed dramatically compared to previous years.  Face-to-face communication has taken a back seat to video conferencing and platforms that develop remote communication, such as iMind conferences. Thanks to this progress, large companies can hire the best professionals from all over the world, and businessmen can develop their projects with partners thousands of kilometers away. Communicating online benefits business owners, employees and customers alike.

Why video platforms are becoming popular

Communicating online has its peculiarities. Even though the lack of eye contact can negatively affect the perception of information, the video format of remote communication has many advantages:

  • Increased efficiency: this advantage depends on the fact that the human brain is better at perceiving visual information than auditory information. Therefore, when you see a presentation, video or photo as an accompaniment to what you are being told, you remember the details much better and for a long time.
  • Saving financial costs: this advantage especially applies to large companies moving from a physical market to a remote format. Business owners and investors do not have to spend money on construction, equipment purchases, rental fees, employee travel, and other expenses.
  • Business development: since the remote format of work allows you to attract the best professionals from around the world, the joint work of employees gives effective results. A team of the best professionals can make the business profitable due to knowledge, experience and skills, rather than physical interaction.
  • Convenience in scheduling online meetings: since company owners and employees do not have to go to the office and specifically schedule their time for a meeting or other discussion, it saves a lot of time.  A director can alert employees about meeting hours in advance. With this spontaneity and flexibility, great results can be achieved and work problems avoided.

Why choose iMind for online communication?

 Despite the general advantages of video conferencing, different platforms have their peculiarities. One of the most popular today is iMind. It constantly attracts new businesses, companies and users because this system is designed specifically for customers. Privacy, comfort, convenience, ease of use – are the features of iMind:

  • HD quality of video and images, so you can forget about the extraneous sounds and bad pictures.
  •  Unlimited screen recording: regardless of your tariff plan, you can record a screen during the conference and save the recordings. This point is especially important for businessmen implementing important projects while communicating online with their partners.
  • A unique feature of iMind is the ability for users to share a screen at the same time. Depending on different pricing plans, users can share 4-12 screens at the same time with others.
  • Recording multiple conferences at the same time.  Large companies can often have several video conferences running in parallel. With iMind you can save videos from all of them and move from one online meeting to another without stopping the recording.
  • Accessibility is one of the biggest advantages of this platform. You can have Android or IOS/phone or tablet/ download this platform or use it online.  The iMind system is ready for any option and meets them with quality and comfort.

 To make your business more successful, use iMind to communicate with employees and customers. That may be the key to your company’s efficiency.

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