What are The Key Features of An NFT Generator Software?

Gone are the days when you need to hire a programmer to create NFT artwork!

Now, you can easily do it without writing a single line of code with the help of NFT collection generator software.

It is an AI-based software that helps you create thousands of NFT artwork in a short span of time. You can use this software directly from the web.

There are many benefits to using an NFT collection generator. It will generate a unique collection for you. The best software will generate multiple NFTs with different combinations of artwork at once. 

nft generator

The more unique and interesting your NFTs are, the more likely buyers you’ll attract. The software is user-friendly, so anyone can easily use it.

The best thing about this software is that it will generate artwork in a matter of minutes. With a few clicks, the software will generate thousands of images, meaning you won’t have to waste countless hours creating NFT collections. 

Key Features of NFT Generator Software

Here are some key features you can enjoy with the NFT collection generator. You can use all these features to easily create a unique set of NFT collectibles without writing a single code. 

  • Unique NFT Creation

The main feature of this software is that it helps you to create 100% unique NFTs. Even if you create 10,000 collectibles, each one will be unique and different from the other. It helps you to create a set of collectibles that is unique and holds value. 

  • Speedy NFT Generation

One of the most important features of a good NFT generator software is the speed of creation. It will allow you to create thousands of NFTs in a short amount of time. With this kind of speed, you won’t have to waste days creating collections of NFTs manually.

  • Layer Rarity

This software will also allow you to change the rarity of the images. Some are less rare than others, and some are even more valuable than others. You can customize the rarity of your files by making fee changes in the settings. You can also change the tiers of the rarity of each layer or attribute.

  • Attributes Rarity

An added bonus is that the software offers an option to alter the rarity of image attributes. This means you can set their rarity by increasing or decreasing the number of attributes or layers they contain.

  • Bulk Creation

With this software, you can select the number of NFTs you want to create. It helps you in bulk creation. You can nearly create more than 10,000 NFTs from a single base file. It helps you to create plenty of digital collectibles.

  • Previews

You will get a preview option with this software. This means you can check out the preview of your NFTs before downloading them. This will give you a better idea of how the finished product will look and function.

  • Metadata

Another feature of this software is that it helps you to create metadata automatically for the blockchain platform. You can easily put the NFT collectibles on the platform for sale. 

  • Compatible

As it is a web-based software, you can use it with any type of device. You can use your phone, tablet, computer as well as your laptop to access this software for generating NFT collectibles.

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