What Real-life Technologies Do You Think are The Results of Marvel and DC Comics or Movies?

Behind every Marvel and DC comics or movie, there is some tech power.

In the world of films, it seems like reality has pinched hard at the soles of fantasy with the use of suits, power rings, use of drones, etc.

The core business of Marvel or DC comics is for people to “read” stories primarily for entertainment or for educational purposes. One best way that has reaped numerous benefits in the film industry is the use of digital technologies. In the same way, coming up with movies and comic books has been possible because of incorporating technology in Marvel and DC universe.

I can bet that real-life technologies have been the key to the film industry’s success. Iron Man, Captain America in Marvel and Superman or Batman in the DC universe appeared out of nowhere; technology is what has made them come through.

Marvel movies seem to have ventured more into technology exploration to bring some realism to the audience compared to DC movies

Below is a list of real-life technologies that have powered or brought results in the Marvel and DC comics or movies.

 Real-life technologies that have powered Marvel Movies and Comics


Jarvis is real. It uses several A.I(artificial intelligence), such as face and speech recognition to accomplish day-to-day tasks.

The question would be, can one create their own Jarvis for personal assistance? Yes. This can be explained further by Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook which is currently Meta who publicized his own version of A.I. He spent almost a year trying to teach a computer code to understand his voice.

How Jarvis assisted in Marvel movies results.

Tony Stark created Jarvis. It has been of great help to Iron Man. Without Jarvis, Stark would not have been able to run his business and fight crime. Paul Bettany made it possible to voice the character.

Kimoyo Beads

Kimoyo beads came from Wakanda Technology. These beads were used to improve communication technology by tapping into the Wakanda Vibranium.

There were different types of beads, such as communication beads, prime beads, and AV beads.

How Kimoyo beads lead to the success of Marvel movies

Kimoyo beads were used in Black Panther in the uniting of the 5 tribes of Wakanda. They were also present in the Avengers: Infinity War to scan Vision’s body. They would serve a multitude of purposes as per the wearer’s needs. For instance, they were used to stabilize the condition of Everett Ross.

Ross would be dead were it not for Wakandan tech and Black Panther would not have a supporting character.


It was used in Iron-Man’s arch. The device would be fixed on the armor’s hand to attract power from Tony’s Arc Reactor, providing agility.

Use of Repulsor for Marvel’s success

It would be hard to imagine a Marvel world without Iron Man’s abilities to take flights. Real armor for such characters is some of the attributes that made Marvel movies and comics a success.


Adamantium was the most robust man-made steel alloy, and no one could manipulate it, only godlike powers such as from Rune King Thor.

How Adamantium led to the success of Marvel movies

It would cut any substance except for Captain America’s shield, and it would help one mind from telepathic attacks. Perhaps this is why Marvel considered it used by Wolverine, who has some great temper. The character first appeared in The Incredible Hulk.

 Real-life Technologies That Have Powered DC Movies and Comics

Making a movie successful to become a top franchise is not easy. You have to strike a balance. One way is to foster the audience’s curiosity by using real-life tech. Without a doubt. DC comics or movies have been a perfect example of the use of tech.

We can look at Superman, among other DC superheroes. Their success was never achieved overnight, there have been a lot of technological advancements.

Bat-tech was a variety of weapons used by Batman to carry out his operations. He had lost his parents when he was young and was determined to seek justice for the act. His battle is all about technology. Were it not for the use of Bat-tech that powered his combat skills; things would be hard on him. Some of the real-life technology used in DC includes:

Shark Repellent spray

Shark Repellent spray in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. The weapon is used when a group of villains tries to pick Batman.

Shark Repellent spray success to Dc universe

There came about a rescue mission that started when Batman and Robin boarded the bat copter. Batman dived in the water, and when he emerged, there was a rubber Shark ready to tear up his leg.

Without the spray technology, it would be impossible for Batman to pose a genuine threat to Superman.

Batman’s Flying Eye

Batman’s Flying Eye is one of the best comic book techs used for the success of the DC universe. It was a small flying gadget that could transmit live videos to the user. It resembles today’s drones.

Batman’s Flying Eye use in the DC universe

Were it not for the Batman Flying Eye, Batman and Robin would not have been able to collect the crime-fighting invention or know the thieves’ plans on the big heist.

Kryptonian Technology

Cells of Kryptonians could metabolize solar radiation from the sun to produce Superman powers. This is where Superman got his powers to fly. Flight is the center of attraction in Superman, But one would wonder how a man of steel would go way up in the sky.

Film animators found out they wasted a lot of time when Superman would leap from one building to another. At this time, DC stepped in to get some of the best techs to allow him to fly.

DC’s success from the use of Kryptonian technology

DC comics have the answer to most of the technology used by Superman to fly. And this has been used in real-life flight technology. This evolution of technology made Superman fly, unlike in the early 1940;’s when he would only leap. Technology also played a part in bringing up several iconic superheroes in DC. Were it not for the Kryptonians, DC would not have been able to thrust Superman to fly.

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