Why It’s Hard To Quit Smoking Cigarettes

For most smokers, it is likely the case that they picked up the habit many years ago when they were children. They would have done it to fit in with their friends and because they thought that it made them appear to be cool or one of the gang. However, once someone begins smoking and develops a habit, most people then get addicted to the habit and find it difficult to quit when they decide that they want to give up smoking.

What is Inside of Cigarettes?

The smoke that comes from a cigarette contains in excess of 5,000 different chemicals, with nicotine being one of the most prominent ones. This chemical is very addictive and as a result, those who consume it will develop a high level of physical dependency on it. In fact, it is believed that nicotine is just as addictive as cocaine or heroin is. 

This is not helped by the fact that those companies that manufacture cigarettes have done everything that they can to make their products as addictive as physically possible so that the people who use them keep continually coming back for more. The relief from feeling anxious and/or depressed is another reason why cigarettes are so popular with some people. 

Shortly after finishing a cigarette, the amount of nicotine in the body and the brain drops down, thus increasing the levels of stress being experienced and inducing a feeling of need to smoke another cigarette. Because a calming effect is then experienced from the next cigarette that is smoken, it helps to reinforce this habit, and so contributes to making the process of quitting that much more difficult.

How To Stop Using Cigarettes

If you have tried to kick the habit before but were not successful in doing so, then before you try again, it is important to analyze what went wrong last time so that you can avoid making the same mistake(s) again this time around. 

There are a number of medications that a smoker can use in order to help fight the cravings and make the whole process of quitting that bit easier. Varenicline (an active ingredient that can be found in Champix) is highly effective in helping to make giving up cigarettes for good an easier thing to achieve. This is available online at https://www.numan.com.

In addition to medication, there are also behavioral techniques to adopt that can also help. There are also things such as nicotine patches and electronic cigarettes that can either be used separately from or in conjunction with Varenicline in order to stop smoking.

Although the process of giving up smoking cigarettes is not easy and nor will it likely be linear, that should not be used as an excuse to do it or at least give it a good so. Not only will your wallet thank you for doing so but so will your body. Within the space of just a few hours, your body and overall health will already be improving.

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