YouTube Proxy: Waiting is Over *Now 100%* Unblock Youtube

Why Do you need a YouTube Proxy?

There are many regions throughout the world where YouTube is considered a waste of time and they have banned the usage of YouTube. Few countries also have restricted some videos to be telecasted in their region.

YouTube is also blocked in places like Organizations, companies, and schools even though it can be used for educational purposes. There are many ways to unblock YouTube and one of them is using a proxy server

Best YouTube Proxy websites to Unblock YouTube:

✔️ HMA! Free YouTube Proxy offers free youtube proxy for all over the world users who want to unblock YouTube. Before you visit you know have a must about how you can use it.

First, You have to go to the website:

The HMA! Free YouTube Proxy

  • Click on Try our free web extension. and add to your chrome browser or firefox.
Try our free web extension

HMA VPN Proxy Unblocker

  • Then you have to follow 3 more steps. Click on the extension and then sign up.
hma chrome extension sign-up

  • After signup, You’ll get an email for verification. Open your email then click to verify email.
Time to verify your email! HMA account

  • Now after successfully verification then sign in with your email id and password.
Sign in HMA account

  • Then click on the HMA! extension and quick-connect or you can choose a location as you want.
Click on quick connect or choose your location

  • After connect you can use it to unblock youtube as per HMA! said instantly unblock YouTube!


free youtube proxy is yet another powerful, secured proxy tool that lets you access YouTube without any restriction. When accessing any platform like YouTube through a restricted network, Proxysite can be an ideal solution for you.

Just like the previous methods we have mentioned above, Proxysite too comes as a free proxy service. Although it is free, they don’t compromise data security and privacy.


unblock youtube

Just like the name signifies, comes with the ability to unblock YouTube videos for you. This respective tool is pretty much similar to the options one we mentioned.

We recommend you using this tool if you don’t want to use The interface of this respective tool is pretty simple. It has a really responsive website that offers exceptional convenience for all users. All you have to do is to visit their official website and enter the YouTube link you should visit.


GenMirror Web Proxy for Unblock YouTube videos

GenMirror is the fifth item on our list. Apart from unlocking YouTube, this respective product can unblock various other websites. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. are good examples of that. It works perfectly on computers as well as on smartphones.

The beauty of this product is that it doesn’t cost you anything at all. Even if it is free, this tool comes with amazing features to let you browse the internet at your will.


Zalmos YouTube Proxy

If you are a regular free web proxy user, then it is very likely that you might have heard about Zalmos. Zalmos Web Proxy is among the most popular and widely used free web proxy which is capable of Unblocking any website very easily.

The thing which makes Zalmos so successful is the fact it pays a lot of attention to ensure user safety. It offers free SSL security while your browsing. If you are looking for the perfect proxy which not only unblocks any website for you but also keep you safe and secure, you might want to Zalmos.


Free web proxy for Unblock Video Sites

UnblockVideos is a popular free web proxy site. More importantly, it has a user-interface with excellent performance and demographics. Most of the users highly appreciate the security measures and dependability of this free web proxy server.

It does not apply any restrictions on usage. You can use this respective server to access YouTube irrespective of your location. That means, this proxy permits you to access YouTube from school or office.

Also, if your country or region blocks YouTube, UnblockVideos is a superb option to bypass it. If you need to watch videos that are limited to a certain country, this is a very effective tool.

Pros and Cons of using Proxy Servers

These days, a lot of videos and content on YouTube can be geo-restricted, most likely due to copyright laws. Because the proxy provides YouTube with its IP address, rather than yours, it is possible to bypass the geo-restrictions.

One of the main reason users prefers proxy servers is to keep their IP addresses hidden. Because the proxy acts as an intermediary between your device and YouTube, it will not be able to log your actual IP address and instead will log that of the proxy. This gives you a certain amount of anonymity whilst browsing the internet.

Proxies can also be used to filter access to the internet. As an example, they could be used to restrict access to certain types of websites for educational establishments or even workplaces. In the same way, they can also be used to prevent access to websites that are known to be malicious and contain viruses, malware, or even phishing links – thus preventing people from accidentally or unwittingly accessing them.


In computer networking, a proxy server is a server application or hardware that acts as a mediocre while communicating with the landing destination. In other words, these proxy websites help in unblocking YouTube by masking your true identity and IP address by sending a false IP address from a different location which results in fooling YouTube.

Due to this, YouTube will not suspect any malpractice and allow the user to view any video that is restricted for that particular region. Almost all the proxy websites work on a similar concept. 

You just need to enter the URL of the video you want to see on YouTube in the proxy’s server and it will display YouTube for you. The best part is that YouTube will think that the server is visiting the website thus keeping your identity safe and secure.

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