Essentials to Betting on Rugby: The Types of Rugby Bets

Betting on Rugby is only exciting if you have learned the basics. Punters who try it out without learning could end up being frustrated. This guide would aid you in understanding how the betting is being carried out.

Essentially, there are two categories regarding betting on Rugby; tournament betting and match betting. These two categories would be broken down by our guest post expert, Kate Richardson. She is an expert in this field and has an excellent track record. You can view her profile here.

For starters and regular bettors, paypal bookies are one the best platform to stake on rugby games. Payment via Paypal is safe, secured, and super-fast. Getting the basics of betting on Rugby is also linked to a suitable payment method.

Categories of Rugby Bets

Ideally, just like every other sport, you can either subscribe to short-term bets or long-term bets. Short-term bets mean you choose to bet on individual matches, while long-term bets are placed over the season.

For the game of Rugby, we can conceivably group the bets as either match bets or tournament bets. For this guide, we would be looking carefully at these two essentials of rugby betting:

Match Bets

There are various kinds of match bets available. Match bets that are more common are match results, first scoring play, first try scorer, handicap bets, and winning margin.

Match Results  

Match results bets are easy and straightforward. Here, you stake on a team to either lose, win or draw the game. On the international level, the value found here is often limited because of the rarity of big upsets.

First Scoring Play 

First, scoring play bet is an exciting bet to dabble into. Stakes are on how the first goal is scored. Options are penalty try, try penalty, or drop goal. The shortest odds are those of “penalty.” Alternatively, “try” has the best value.

First Try Scorer 

First, the try scorer bet is about the player who scores a try first. This could take place at any moment in the game. This incredible bet has some variants: first try scorer, first try scorer in each half, and try-scorer from each team.

Handicap Bets 

The handicap bet is quite similar to the match result bet but has an additional clause to it. For instance, if you place a bet that New Zealand would beat the British and Irish Lions. The additional clause is that you would decide the number of points they would win with. 11 points or more, etcetera.

Winning Margin 

Ideally, Winning Margin is similar to Handicap bet but differs also. Here, in addition to staking the absolute number of points that a team would win, the odds to this bet are higher.  

Tournament Bets

This category has options like tournament winner, top points scorer, top try scorer, and the victory margin. Remember that in the game of Rugby, tournaments mean events like the World Cup or Six Nations.

Tournament Winner 

Just like the name implies, you stake on a specific team that would win the tournament.

Top Points Scorer 

Easy and straightforward bet. Here, you’ll select a player who would score the most points.

Top Try Scorer 

This is different for the top points scorer. Here all that you are interested in is the tries.

Margin of Victory

Here, you would predict the results of a series.

Conclusively, we understand the need for this information. It is easy to make an accurate prediction when you have full knowledge of every bet.

This would ensure you don’t lose money while betting. Betting is fun and entertaining when you win. However, to win, you must be well informed.

Why You Should Consider Paypal Bookies

At sports betting, you need a bookie and payment system that you can trust. There’s no joy in delayed transactions when you’re trying to wager a bet or being unable to withdraw your winnings. This is why we’ve put together some of the reasons why punters choose paypal bookies.

1. Privacy: PayPal bookies allow punters to make payments into their betting wallets more securely. Rather than filling the numerous information boxes associated with credit/debit card transactions, punters only have to enter their PayPal details to make a deposit.

2. Payments Are Free: Paypal bookies do not charge you for making a deposit or withdrawal. This is one of the reasons why many online betting platforms are incorporating this payment method. Punters can evade the costs of making payments via credit and debit cards by opening a Paypal bookie account today.

3. Fast Payouts: When you bet on Rugby tournaments at PayPal-enabled sportsbooks, you can rest assured of prompt payment and delivery of funds. Withdrawals are free of charge and processed without hassles on Paypal gaming platforms.

4. PayPal betting platforms are very popular and trusted. As you probably noticed above, the bookies mentioned are familiar names who have been in the betting industry for decades. It’s essential to use trustworthy bookies when betting on Rugby to avoid problems.

5. Many sportsbooks and other financial platforms accept the PayPal payment method. Your PayPal account isn’t limited to making betting payments. You may also use it to send funds to friends and loved ones.

Punters should note that each payment method and bookie have their terms and conditions. It’s also advisable to check if PayPal payments are operational in your country before opening an account. Discover all you need to know about PayPal bookies in a few clicks by visiting the Mighty tips.

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