The Ultimate Guide on WOW! Internet

If you are on the outlook for an affordable yet high internet speed provider WOW! internet is the best option for you.

When you are looking for an internet connection, you should first find out what kind of a connection it is and what do they have to offer.

We are creating a comprehensive guide for you that includes details about the internet packages and bundle packages offered by WOW!

WOW! Internet Packages

WOW! Internet Packages OptionPrice for each monthInternet SpeedInternet Data LimitContract Time
WOW! Internet 1.$44.99 per month on discountUp to 100 MbpsUnlimited InternetNo Contracts Required
WOW! Internet 2.$44.99 per month on discountUp to 200 MbpsUnlimited InternetNo Contracts Required
WOW! Internet 3.$59.99 per month on discountUp to 500 MbpsUnlimited InternetNo Contracts Required
WOW! Internet 4.$79.99 per month on discountUp to 1000 MbpsUnlimited InternetNo Contracts Required

The minimum speed will be depending on your address where you will want your services to be installed. You might be eligible to get 100 Mbps or 200 Mbps depending upon your location.

Choose any internet speed that suits your usage. You can also mention to the sales agent that you are looking for a certain speed or you can ask him/her to suggest you an internet speed and package that will be best according to your usage.

Always mention what are you expecting from an internet speed to the sales rep, tell them about how many users are working from home using a VPN, and how many kids will be taking online classes.

If you are a gamer or anyone at your home is interested in gaming, mention that as well because it requires a high internet speed. You can choose the only internet if you are only looking for it or go for a bundle package that helps you to save more.

Benefits of WOW! Internet

➦ WOW! offers unlimited internet that allows you to use the internet without any data caps and you can download anything anytime.

➦ You get high internet speed at affordable prices.

➦ You get free installation on online orders.

➦ You do not bound yourself under the restrictions of a contract.

WOW! Bundle Packages

WOW! Bundle PackageInternet SpeedsInternet Data LimitNumber of Channels for Cable TVPrice Per Month after Discount
The small cable package  Up to 100 or 200 MbpsWithout any Data CapsMore than 90 Channels$69.99 per month on discount
The medium cable package  Up to 500 MbpsWithout any Data CapsMore than 150 Channels$124.99 per month on discount
The large Cable package  Up to 1000 MbpsWithout any Data CapsMore than 250 Channels$164.99 per month on discount

The Small Cable Package

It is the most used and demanded bundle package. If you are looking for an internet speed that supports your work from home, classes, or browsing, 200 Mbps will be suitable for your usage. You can easily plug up to 3 to 4 devices at the same time and you will not be facing internet speed lag issues.

This package also includes cable TV that offers more than 90 channels including ABC, Comedy Central, FOX, and many other channels. The price for a small cable package on promotional discount is $69.99 per month for 12 months.

The Medium Cable Package

If you have a larger household and the number of devices that you want to connect with your internet is up to 7 or 8, you can easily do that with 500 Mbps. You get unlimited internet data, you can download as much as you want and whenever you want. You can also watch Netflix, Facetime, use VPN or do Video Conferences with the internet speed included in this package.

This package comes with cable TV that offers you more than 150 channels that include SyFy, Nickelodeon, ESPN, CBS Sports, NBC Sports, and many others. The promotional price for this package is around $124.99 per month for 12 months.

The Large Cable Package

If you want extra channels that include all premium channels like Starz, Cinemax, HBO, Showtime, and many others and you want an elevated internet speed of 1 GIG, this package will be best for you.

You can connect as many devices as you want and forget the worries of slow internet speed because you will not see any buffering sign on your screen with such a high internet speed. You can also watch any kind of channel you want when you get free time in your hands. The price for this premium package is around $164.99 per month.

Final Words,

When you have to opt for any internet and cable TV provider, you are often not aware of the options you have with you. We have mentioned all the details that you will need before signing up with WOW!.

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