Benefits of Hiring Vacation Home Rentals During Your Galveston Vacation


So you have your Galveston vacation carefully planned to the last detail. You’ve even worked out your transportation from Galveston to Houston just in time for your flight after the end of the vacation. But one important detail that you should never overlook is where you are going to stay.

If you are planning to spend many days in Galveston, one of the cheapest accommodation options is vacation rentals. A vacation rental has many benefits that hotels just cannot match.

For instance, it means that the entire traveling party can stay in one place, not to mention that it’s also cheaper. Here are the benefits of hiring a vacation rental in Galveston.

Feel like a Galveston Local and save while at it

Rental homes give you the luxuries of a home as they are basically, homes. Since most hotels are owned by bigger corporations and often have large staff, they charge for just about everything. But with vacation rentals, they come complete with everything you need for a comfortable stay at no extra charge.

You will usually find utensils, dishes, and cookware in the dining and kitchen areas. Also, some vacation homes have books, board games, and DVDs for guests. You are also allowed to bring your entertainment and enjoy it without paying extra for it. You can forget about paying for movies. 

Washers and dryers are also a common sight in many rental homes, which allow guests to clean their laundry without taking their clothes to dry cleaners or paying hotel fees. Some homes even have private hot tubs, outside seating areas, and pools that are perfect for spending time with your loved ones. A vacation rental makes travelers feel more at home. They also feel like part of the local community in which they stay. 


In most cases, parking in a hotel isn’t just expensive but also complicated. When you choose to stay in a rental home like apartments for rent in San Jose, chances are that you will find parking, a driveway, or a garage. And since the car is right there in the garage or driveway, it becomes a convenience for older adults and children.

If you stay in a hotel that has a parking garage, there may be stairs, elevators, and parking tickets that you need to track. It’s certainly more convenient to park right out and there is no additional charge for this.

Another way to eliminate the parking nuisance is to hire professional chauffeur services Houston. These will usually drop you at your hotel or vacation home so you don’t need to worry about that. LavishRide is one such company with excellent chauffeur services that are sure to exceed your expectations.

Gain Added Security

Hotel staffs usually come into the room to restock supplies and do the cleaning. Thus, it’s not a place you can keep your valuables and be comfortable at the fact. Vacation rentals are just on another level when it comes to security.

For one, you won’t have to worry about a stranger gaining access to your room and private space. Also, vacation rentals have a keyless entry that offers another security layer. This prevents random strangers from accessing your room without your express permission. Only guests are provided with the passcode. It also eliminates the need for keeping keys or paying an extra fee in case they lose it.

And while hotels have an employee who looks over maintenance and repair issues, vacation rental property owners have local contractors on-call 24/7. They are trusted crews who are maintenance and cleaning specialists. Their services are guaranteed to make you comfortable and happy.

Food is Cheaper and you also get to eat Healthier

Although some hotel rooms will have kitchens, they often don’t have a comfortable space for eating. It usually means that travelers have to dine out, which is not just expensive but also 

Some hotel rooms and suites have kitchens but lack a comfortable eating space. This forces travelers to dine out, which can cost hundreds and break healthy eating habits.

With vacation rental homes, you have a place for preparing home-cooked meals. There is no doubt that dining out can be fun but guests can eat healthier when they cook their meals themselves. It means guests can go to the local farmers market and purchase local products, thereby boosting the local economy.

No schedules to stick to

When you book a hotel room, you will have to follow a particular schedule. For example, there is a particular time for breakfast and lunch, and this may curtail your freedom of planning your day. But with a holiday rental, you are the one to set schedules. You wake up at your own chosen time and decide when to go out and come back.

Personal customer service 

If you’ve never used a vacation rental and are wondering how it works, you will be pleased to know that the logistics are quite secure and simple. When you arrive, waiting you will be a member of the staff of the rental vacation agency, who hands you the keys and shows you around the neighborhood. In case you encounter any problems in the course of your stay, you just need to contact the agency and you will be good to go.

More Privacy

How do you feel to share a bathroom with two or even four other people? You wouldn’t relax at the pool because it’s being fought for by other people. It can be quite an inconvenience that even infringes on your property if you have been through this ordeal.

Vacation rentals give you more privacy compared to a hotel suite or room. Guests can choose between sharing pools, laundry facilities, eating areas, and hot tubs but are not forced.

When you rent a home, you get your own seating area, bedroom, and bathroom. Also, when you need to unwind, you can always find a personal and dedicated space. Vacation homes are ideal for families as parents can easily put kids to sleep and then spend time together or watch a movie. While it’s possible to book multiple rooms in a hotel to ensure more privacy, it is very costly. 


Your trip to Galveston will depend on not only the type of accommodation you choose but more importantly, on your chosen form of transportation. At Lavish Ride, we have high-performance vehicles that are regularly maintained to guarantee a stress-free trip.

Our professional chauffeurs will gladly pick you from the airport and drive you to your intended destination. Friendly and courteous, you can rely on them to suggest a top vacation rental to stay. And when the time comes to travel back from Galveston to Houston, you can be sure they will drop you at the airport with a couple of hours to spare, so you don’t miss your flight.

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