How to Watch NFL Sunday- Using A VPN Or Any Other Streaming Service

The NFL remains one of the most lucrative sporting competitions in the world, with a reported 19.3 million people tuning in to watch the opening game of the season back in September. But, with that popularity comes a question that all fans of the sport ask themselves every week as they wonder how they can watch the action for the lowest possible price.

Why Watch The NFL On Sunday?

There aren’t many days of the week that gain attention more so than Sunday’s for American Football fans. That’s because the biggest games of the season typically take place on a Sunday. The biggest of which is the Super Bowl, which gets over 100 million viewers every season. Streaming has been a more enjoyable way to watch Sunday Night Football.

Every Sunday the best teams in the NFL will be in action, with 12 games typically taking place. There will be three different kick-off slots throughout the day, with the

late game on the Sunday typically being the most important or interesting of the day. But how can you watch the games taking place on a Sunday?

Can I Use A VPN?

One of the most popular ways that has been embraced by fans around the world has been to use a VPN. This will be a secure way to watch the action, plus you will also be able to work around the blackout that may be in operation.

The blackout will mean that fans may be forced to miss watching their favorite teams as the NFL enforces this blackout to ensure that stadium attendances are full throughout the season.

VPN’s are one of the best ways around the blackout for fans, as they can connect to a server from a different part of the country to watch the action. This will also be a good option for American fans that are travelling to watch the action, while European fans could also use the VPN to get access to the American coverage of the game.

How To Stream NFL Action

The VPN can also act as a way to get the cheapest possible streaming option for your needs. There are a number of ways to stream the NFL action, and these are some of the most popular.

NFL Game Pass

The best way to watch all the action throughout the season is to pay the monthly or annual fee that is required to get access to the NFL Game Pass. The annual price is

$184.99, which works out slightly cheaper than paying for the same package every month at $46.26.

This price will get you access for the Pro package, where you will be able to watch every live game throughout the season, as well as the NFL RedZone. The RedZone i s the most popular way to watch the action on Sunday’s, as you will be able to

watch all the touchdowns as they are scored. You can also take advantage of the NFL Game Pass on a seven-day trial before committing.

NFL Sunday Ticket

Another popular way to stream the action on Sunday is the NFL Sunday Ticket,

which was launched in 1994. This Sunday Ticket will allow you to watch the regional coverage of your local team every Sunday.

This streaming platform is best suited to those that are using a VPN while travelling around the world. If you live in the same state or within the blackout zone, then you could end up missing watching your favourite team play.


The final streaming option available to NFL fans is FuboTV. With this streaming site, you will need to get the standard package, which includes the NFL Network. The standard package costs $59.99 per month, but you will also get access to NBC Sports.

It is the perfect choice for fans of American Football that also want to watch other sports, as you will also be able to watch the Premier League and NBA with this package. Fans will be able to stream the action through Xbox One and on Chromecast.

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